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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Famous Sephora Models - How to Become a Model for Sephora

If you are found of beauty products; Sephora is not a name to get introduction. Being French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products; Sephora has an array of 3,000 brands and its private labels to entice its customers worldwide. With its ultra luxurious photo shoots featuring Sephora Models; it has made a great fan following on Instagram with 20.7 million followers at Sephora (@sephora). These models are often seen in branding events for Sephora Cosmetics.

Let's read some of the Famous Sephora Models Names with their Instagram handles and Follower cout. We hope you will love to read this list of Sephora Models.

Famous Sephora Models Names, Instagram and Followers

  • Keilla Cabral (@keillacabral_) 1301 followers (Seoul, Korea)
  • Debra Shaw (@madamedebrashaw) 28.4k followers (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Liisa Winkler (@liisawinkler) 3129 followers (Toronto, Canada)
  • Adual Akol (@unpublishedartist) 34.9k followers (Australia)
  • Alva Claire (@alvaclaire) 33.9k Followers (London, United Kingdom)
  • Nica Mestres (@nicamestres) 3815 followers (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Lucia Giusti (@_luciagiusti_) 59.2k followers (London, UK)
  • Rubina Dyan (@rubinadyan) 431k followers (Yerevan, Armenia)
  • Crysta Plavou Balatsouka (@plavou_chrysa) 8162 followers (Italy, Spain)
  • Ciarda Hall (@ciardahall) 19.2k Followers (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  • Ammy Drammeh (@ammydrammeh) 11.6k followers (London, UK)
  • Arisleyda Dilone (@arisleyda) 1824 followers (Dominican Republic)
  • Aaron Philip (@aaron___philip) 194k followers (Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda)
  • Casil McArthur (@casil_the_goat_lord) 43.7k followers (London, UK)
  • Hunter Schafer (@hunterschafer) 3.3 million followers (Trenton, NJ, USA)

Image Source: Rubina Dyan (@rubinadyan)

Founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud; Sephora has become a leading brand internationally after its acquisition by LVMH. Recently it has recorded sales of over US$10 Billion  through its international operations.

How to become a model for Sephora?

Anyone with interest in modeling and love for fashion can apply to be a Sephora Model if he/she is 18 year old citizen of US or Canada. You must be active on social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. It will depend on auditions if you are selected or not. Here steps of how to become a model for Sephora.

  1. You must be US/ Canada Citizen and 18 Years Old.
  2. Pursue a Modeling Course which will improve your chances to get selected.
  3. Be active on Social Channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok or YouTube and grow your community.
  4. Go to the Sephora Website : sephorasquad.com
  5. Create an Account and verify email and phone number.
  6. Connect Instagram Profile with the account.
  7. Read the Terms and Conditions before filling the Application Form
  8. Fill the Sephora Model/ Influencer Application Form which will take 30 minutes (approx)
  9. A profile page will be created by SephoraSquad Website.
  10. Now Ask your followers to leave testimonials on your SephoraSquad Profile.
  11. On successful testimonials; you will receive the link and a custom #SephoraSquad Instagram for promotions.
  12. See the dates of application on official website.
  13. #SephoraSquad partnership will last 12 months.

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