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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Yandy Models Names List - Who Are Yandy Plus Size Model

Yandy.com is popular among US Consumers and it has immense social media popularity. @yandy has over 626k followers on Instagram and over 1618058 likes on Facebook. It shares irresistible photo shoot pictures of Yandy Models on social timeline that grab immense attention. Yandy was swimsuit sponsor for the 2017 Miss USA Pageant where it was featured in whole event.

In this article, You will know about Yandy Models Names List who often appear in fashion shows namely New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and Scottsdale Fashion Week. These include popular influencers, super models and Yandy plus size models names.

 Yandy Models Names List - Plus Size Model

  • Paola Cañas @paolacospi 643k Followers (Mexico)
  • Brennah Black @brennahblack 671k Followers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Rose Montoya @rosalynnemontoya 64.5k Followers  (El Mirage, Arizona)   
  • Onyeka Deborah @onyekaxo 12.5k Followers (Nigeria)
  • Kate Compton @thekatecompton 321k Followers (New York, USA)
  • Ciara Lebamoff @ciaralebamoff 32.1k Followers (Florida)
  • Audrey Bradford @dreybradford 535k Followers (Mexico)
  • Anastasia Nova @anastasiasupernova 360k Followers (Russia)
  • Kellisey Mour @kelliseymour 197k Followers (USA)
  • Kristen Strout @r1_vette_babe23 899k Followers (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Taylor Jevaux @taylorjevaux 77.5k Followers (Los Angeles, California)
  • Kelsie Jean Smeby @kjsmeby 827k Followers (Lugano, Switzerland)
  • Geraldine Pinzón @geralvane 38.5k Followers (Bolívar, Colombia)
  • Katelyn Runck @katelyn_runck 2.5 Million Followers (Los Angeles, California)
  • Lina Posada @linaposada13 99.3k Followers (Barranquilla, Colombia)

Image Source: Instagram Yandy.com (@yandy)

Based on Phoenix, Arizona; Yandy.com was founded by Chad Horstman and Evan Horstman in 2007 with an aim of selling high quality fashion wear globally. Today it employees over 100 employees with annual turnover of $43 Million. Yandy has over 5,000 lingerie products, 2,000 Halloween products, 700 swimwear products  under its brand.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Yandy models names list along with the plus size models. Most Internet Lovers search for who are the yandy models and plus size models and they will get answer of the question in this article.

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