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Thursday, September 23, 2021

List of ModCloth Models Names, Instagram, Followers and Country

American Online Retailer ModCloth has been the popular manufacturer of vintage-inspired women’s clothing since 2002. With its slogan "Inspire & Admire" it has made an immense popularity among its customers and followers. It is followed by over 716k followers on Instagram @modcloth who get enticing timeline to explore with ModCloth Models. These models include plus size models, ladies and social influencer with thousands of fans.

Let's read ModCloth Models Names who often appear on the social timeline and brand photoshoot of the Online Retailer. These Models are the reason why ModCloth is leading online retailer in USA.

ModCloth Models Names, Instagram, Followers and Country

  • Amanda @sequinsandsales 25.8k followers (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Jason June @heyjasonjune 3,446 followers (USA)
  • Megan Overton @meganworksformickey 575 followers (Florida, USA)
  • Emma Hill @msemmahill 8852 followers (New York, NJ)
  • Amy b Tiong @amybtiong 770 followers (Kona, Hawaii)
  • Allison E. Lang @allisonelang 9474 followers (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  • Bri Scalesse @briscalesse 18.9k followers (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Juliette @juliettekitsch 29.2k followers (Rennes, France)
  • Chinny @chiniluv 8323 followers (New York, NJ)
  • Francesca @frankvinyl 143k followers (The Rambler, Chicago)
  • Steffy @steffy 402k followers (Upstate New York, New York)
  • Sam Kwiatkowski @samkwiatkowski 88.3k followers (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Noelle Downing @noelledowning 447k followers (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Lainey Wilson @laineywilsonmusic 68.3k followers (Canyon Lake, Texas)
  • JuJu @jujudear 512 followers (Hawaii, USA)

Image Source: Instagram ModCloth (@modcloth)

Founded in 2002 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; ModCloth is headquartered in San Francisco, California from where it operates its international operations. It is inspired by the leadership Silvia Mazzucchelli and designs of its founders Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger. It has reported a revenue of over $200 million with over 25000 brands on its online store. With the ModCloth Models; it promotes inclusivity and body positivity among its target customers. Hope you loved to read this article with List of ModCloth Models Names, Instagram, Followers and Country.

Image Source: Instagram ModCloth (@modcloth)

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