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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Poema Swimwear Model Names - Fashion Show Runway Models

Launched in 2015 by Mother Daughter Dou; Poema Swimwear is now one of the leading Swimwear and Bikini Brands in USA. Morea and her daughter Pamela both started this fashion forward beach-chic swimwear brand Poema Swimwear with an aim to make beach bikini fashion more exciting. The Company in based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and keeps introducing new collections in Fashion Shows in US and Canada. Know the Poema Swimwear Model Names who have been face of the brand since inception. Poema Swimwear has made it big in Fashion Industry due to its Fashion Models who have presented their collection at Swimwear Fashion Week. We will tell you the Poema Swimwear Fashion Show Models Names List who have made it popular among the customers. With these top poema swim runway models posing for their photo shoots, @poemaswim has increased its follower base to over 50k followers on Instagram.

List of Poema Swimwear Model Names, Followers

If you are not a fan of Bikinis or Swimwear, Then these Poema Swimwear Fashion Show Models Names will surely make you interested in the swimwear fashion. These Models have always been face of Poema Swimwear and have given eye grabbing performance in the Miami Swim Fashion Week and New York Swim Fashion Show. Below is the list of Poema Swimwear Model Names, Instagram and Followers.

Image Source: Instagram POEMÄ SWIM (@poemaswim)

  • Naty Ashba @natyashba 1.1m followers (Las Vegas, USA)
  • Jennifer Shinhee Lee @jenhaydenlee 21.3k Followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Ashley Marie Dickerson @ashleymariedickerson 257k Followers (Mississippi, USA)
  • Jessica @thejessicaexperience 139K Followers (USA)
  • Jordan Washburn @jordanunderwood 423k Followers (Carmel, Indiana, USA)
  • Carolina Cubas @carolinacubasq 44k Followers (Peru, South America)
  • Kristina Sheiter @kristinasheiter 110k Followers (Miami, USA)
  • Nicole Arielle @nicole.arielle 8.5k Followers (Florida, USA)
  • Kate Citrone @kate_citrone 12k Followers (Miami, USA)
  • Alexa Collins @alexacollins 1.5 Million Followers (Florida, USA)
  • Lexi Skolnick @lexi.skolnick 3k Followers (Miami, USA)
  • Colleen Cole @colleencoleofficial 362k Followers (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Amanda Di Leo @getonmychic 8k Followers (South Florida, USA)
  • Olivia Pascale @oliviapw 41.7k Followers (South Florida, USA)

Poema Swimwear is based in Florida USA with 5 employees and recorded annual revenue of $1 Million. It is reaching new records with its marketing strategy with the Poema Swimwear Models. The brand has showcased its products on runways all over the world, including the highly anticipated Miami Swim Week. Poema Swim's runway shows are a sight to behold, with models sporting a variety of swimwear designs that are both chic and comfortable. The brand's runway shows have become known for their inclusivity, with models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities representing the brand. Poema Swim's runway shows have received critical acclaim, and the brand's commitment to sustainability and ethical production has made it a popular choice among environmentally conscious consumers.

Poema Swim is a luxury swimwear brand that was founded in 2019 by creative director and designer Pamela M. Torrico. Based in Miami, the brand is known for its unique designs and commitment to sustainability. Poema Swim's swimwear is made using eco-friendly materials such as recycled nylon and polyester, and the brand uses sustainable manufacturing practices in order to reduce its environmental impact. Poema Swim offers a wide range of swimwear styles, including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and resort wear, with a focus on creating pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. The brand has quickly gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

Watch Complete Fashion Show with Poema Swimwear Runway Model at Miami Swim Week 2019 held at Paraiso Miami Beach.

Watch Ashley Marie Dickerson posing in a pink color Poema Swimwear Bikini in this video. Look at the combination of hotness, curves and irresistible bikini design. She is one of the best names in miami swimwear model names.

Who are some of the top Poema Swim Runway Models?

As a luxury swimwear brand, Poema Swim has featured numerous models on its runway shows, each bringing their own unique look and personality to the brand's designs. While the models featured on Poema Swim's runway change from season to season, some notable names that have walked for the brand include:

  1. Alyssa Miller - An American model who has worked with many top brands in the fashion industry, including Victoria's Secret, Guess, and Sports Illustrated.
  2. Jessica Clements - A model and influencer who has worked with many high-end brands, including L'Oreal, Calvin Klein, and Revlon.
  3. Araya Nicks - A model and actress who has worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and Maybelline, and has appeared in films and TV shows like "Entourage" and "CSI: Miami."
  4. Alexina Graham - A British model who is best known for her work with Victoria's Secret, and has also worked with brands such as L'Oreal and Balmain.
  5. Meredith Mickelson - An American model who has worked with brands such as Maybelline and Calvin Klein, and has been featured in magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

These models and many others have helped to bring Poema Swim's designs to life on the runway, and have contributed to the brand's success in the fashion industry.

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