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Monday, July 5, 2021

Adore Me Model Names List - Commercial, Plus Size Models

Founded in 2011 by Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me has become an indispensable women underwear brand in USA. It has a great social media presence with Instagram @adoreme which has over 699k followers and counting. With a long list of Adore Me Commercial Models which include Plus Size Models also, It often appears in Miami and New York fashion Shows and Photo shoots. The glimpse of the Commercial Plus Size Model is completely eye catching.

Fashion Lover often search for Adore Me Plus Size Models and Instagram, Facebook Advertisement Model with curly hairs. These beauties are a rage among its fans and they love to like and share each and every update on social media. Let's read about the List of Adore Me Model Names which have made a eye grabbing performance in glamour photo shoots, Facebook Advertisements, Commercial Ads and Fashion Shows.

Adore Me Model Names - Commercial, Plus Size, FB Ad Model

  • Janice Hampton (@janiceglimmer) 167k Followers (Brooklyn, NYC)
  • Nikki Apostolou (@fabulouslystardust) 21.6k Followers (Kahnawake, QC, Canada)
  • Missy Galvin (@missyjgalvin) 19.4k Followers (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Julia Pereira De Sousa (@julia_pereira_snowboard) 15.6k Followers (Brazil)
  • Talíta Såntos (@santostaly) 19.6k Followers (Brazil)
  • Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) 1.6 Million Followers (Hillerød, Denmark)
  • Mayra Deringer (@mayraderinger) 30.8k Followers (Spokane, Washington)
  • Bebe Rexha (@beberexha) 10.7 Million Followers (New York City, USA)
  • Simone Villas Boas (@simonevillasboas) 106k Followers (Brazil)
  • Sophie Simmons (@sophietsimmons) 299k Followers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Daniela Lopez Osorio (@danielalopezosorio) 384k Followers (Columbia)
  • Michelle Rudan (@iammichellevidal) 30.2k Followers (Miami, Florida)
  • Casie Chegwidden (USA)
  • Leslie Sidora (@lessance) 431k followers
  • Anna-Christina Schwartz (@annachristinaschwartz) 284k Followers (Germany)
  • Bregje Heinen (@bregjeheinen) 639k Followers (Borculo, Netherlands)
  • Iskra Lawrence (@iskra) 4.6 Million Followers (Worcester, United Kingdom)
  • Mari Fonseca (@mariannefonseca) 504k Followers (New York City, USA)
  • Geneviève Irene Laforce (@gen_laforce) 43.4k Followers (Quebec, Canada)
  • Yenni (@theonlyyenni) 37.4k Followers (Los Angeles, California)
  • Amina Kadyrova (@aminakadyrovaofficial) 105k Followers (New York City, USA)
  • Lays Da Silva Curto (@lays_s) 26.5k Followers (Brazil)
  • Noelle Downing (@noelledowning) 450k Followers (New York City, USA)

You must be wondering who was adore me plus size model curly hair name in the popular advertisement which made headlines all over the media. These were British model Iskra Lawrence and Colombian model Daniela Lopez Osorio who appeared in the television ad wearing Adore Me Lingerie and their curly hairs and curvy body. The model who is seen most often in social timelines is Sophie Tweed-Simmons. She poses on camera on beaches and shares glam shows for the brand.

Based in New York, NY, Adore Me employees over 51-100 people globally in USA, Europe with revenue of over $100 million in recent filings. It has 13 investors who have invested over $12 Million in Company. Hope you loved to read about the Adore Me Model with their Instagram and Follower Count. Share it with others.

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