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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Girlmerry Model Girl Name List - Plus Size Fashion Model Details

International Fashion Brand GirlMerry is the matter of talk for its popular women's fashion wear designs. Based in China since 2009, It has made a spot in recognizable brands internationally. It mainly sell wholesale fashion products ranging from swim wears to fitness wear. The pictures and videos of Girlmerry Model Girl is always viral over internet and social media. It makes appearances in Fashion Shows internationally with its number of Girlmerry Fashion Models wearing it's latest collections.


We will tell you some of the Girlmerry Model Name who feature in almost all photoshoots and brand videoshoots. They are really glamorous and make the product collection sell fast. Many search the internet for Girlmerry Model Details and Name List but don't find complete list. Here we have researched internet for you and prepared a Girlmerry Model Girl Name List which includes all the Fashion Models and Plus Size Models on its roll.

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Girlmerry Model Girl Name List, Details, Plus Size Models

  • Rayane Carvalho @raayanecarvalho_ (Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil)
  • Elena @styleconceptblog (Toronto, Canada)
  • Jeane Carneiro @eujeanecarneiro (Lauro de Freitas, Brazil)
  • Lucy Carlucci @lulucarlucci (Grottaglie, Italy)
  • Mandy Jeans @mandii.jean.creates (Florida, USA)
  • Ampi @ampi_mm (La Cala de Mijas, Spain)
  • Donatella @donatella.sansalone 36.5k followers (Italy)
  • Simona Caliandro @simona2h (Apulia, Italy)
  • Hannah Émile @hannah_bosm 27k followers (Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil)
  • Shelby Cinda @shelbycinda (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Laura Miraglia @lauramiraglia_ (Sicilia, Italy)
  • Mariana Sofia @mariianasofiiia 49k followers (Braga, Portugal)
  • Rayres Tarliane @rayres_t (Maragogi, Brazil)
  • Amelia Carmen @aangel_es (Zator, Poland)
  • Martina @martip21 (Rome, Italy)
  • Elissa Huang @elissahuang 868 followers (Log Angeles)
  • Carla Oliva @carlaoliva00 (Naples, Italy)
  • Desireé Ibarz @dibarzstyle (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Cristina Gomez @cristinaagmz 851 followers
  • Irene @irene.capuanoo 615k followers (Rome, Italy)
  • Sabrina Insinga @sabrinainsinga (Milazzo, Sicilia, Italy)
  • Marina Roldan@marinaroldan (Andalucia, Spain)
  • Darja Spurna @darjaspurna (Riva Del Garda, Italy)

Image Source: 𝒟𝒶𝓇𝒿𝒶 (@darjaspurna)

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Started in year 2009, GirlMerry has reported to have 100 employees and has generated over $4 million in annual sales. It has over 11k followers on its Instagram @girlmerry_official Hope you loved reading GirlMerry Fashion Model Girl Name List and Details that you were searching for.

Girlmerry is the best online shopping store with a great selection at Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry. Sometimes, people wonder if Girlmerry is a legal website to get clothings. One must know that it is a registered international brand with headquarters in Guangzhou, China. It offers a number of promo codes & coupons to buy the beautiful dresses from brand. It is available on all leading stores worldwide such as amazon, walmart.

Girlmerry has an Youtube Channel with over 2.7m subscribers where it shares self introductory videos and latest fashion trends videos. In the latest video we get to know that Girlmerry is actually a brand owner by and associated with Luker Technology Co. Ltd. in Panyu District. Its headquater has a office area, quality and inspection department, order management team, technology support team and a dedicated service staff. Recently it has celebrated its 12th annual anniversary with its huge workforce.

Girlmerry has associated with delivary partners such as DHL and Fedex to manage its international deliveries.

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