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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Monday Swimwear Models Names, Instagram, Followers, Country

Started by Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman in 2014; American Company Monday Swimwear has become of of the recognizable swimwear brands in USA. Popularity of the brand can be estimated by fact that its social media influence has grown to over 566k followers on Instagram @mondayswimwear where it shares pictures and videos fill of glamour and beauty of Monday Swimwear Models in its brand collection. It also operates in Australia along with USA and Canada.

Top Swimwear Models such as Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman take their Monday Swimwear line to Miami Swim Week held in Florida. Let's know some of the top Monday Swimwear Models Names who are seen in Fashion Weeks, Catalog, Social Media, Photoshoots and Videoshoots of the Swimwear brand.

Monday Swimwear Models Names, Instagram, Followers, Country

  • Simone Holtznagel @simoneholtznagel 106k followers (Wollongong, Australia)
  • Natasha Oakley @tashoakley 2.3m followers (Bronte, Australia)
  • Nonny Steffanie Mulholland @nonnymulholland 26.7k followers (Eswatini, South Africa)
  • Emira Berisha @emiraberishaa 2k followers (Prizren, Kosovo, Pristina)
  • Jamie Kidd @jamienkidd 869k followers (Bakersfield, California, USA)
  • Lisa Homsy @lisahomsy 303k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Devin Brugman @devinbrugman 1.3m followers (California, USA)
  • Jacqui Kingswell @jacquikingswell 35.9k followers (Los Angeles California, USA)
  • Anna Maria Müller @annamariamueller_ 72.5k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Daphne Blunt @daphneblunt 44.2k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Sam Garza @sammy_garza 5k followers (Balistarz, Bali)
  • Stephanie Bright @stephaniebrightt 14.2k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Adison Justis @adisonjustis 306k followers (California, USA)
  • Sohni Ahmed @sohniahmed 265k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Maguire Grace Amundsen @maguireamundsen 132k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Nadia Grace @nadia_mejia 301k followers (Florida, USA)
  • Savannah Mar'i Gankiewicz @savannahmarai 15.7k followers (Hawaii, USA)
  • Nonny Steffanie Mulholland @nonnymulholland 26.7k followers (Melbourne, Australia)

Monday Swimwear Company is based in California, USA with over 30 employees and has recorded annual turnover of over $5 Million. Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman were previously popular fashion blogger at A Bikini A Day and Instagram Celebrities who turned their passion into business by starting Monday Swimwear together.

Image Source: Instagram Monday Swimwear (@mondayswimwear)

Hope you loved to know about the Monday Swimwear Models Names who have made it a big brand with their beautiful and irresistible presentation.

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