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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Lady Lux Swimwear Model Name, Followers, Instagram, Country

Lady Lux Swimwear is one of the top American Swimsuits Manufacturer and Seller with its foundation laid down in 2007. It has mainly luxury collection for high end customers. Each Year; It comes up in Miami/ New York Fashion Week with its Lady Lux Swimwear Models who wear its appealing colelction of latest beach side bikinis and swim wears.

Started in 2007, Lady Lux Swimwear has been popular over social media and has now grown to a community of over 236k followers in Instagram. Let's know popular Lady Lux Swimwear Model Names who appear in Swim Fashion Shows and the official brand photo shoots and video shoots.

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Lady Lux Swimwear Model Name, Followers, Instagram, Country

  • Alexa Collins @alexacollins 1.5 Million followers (Florida, USA)
  • Mabelynn Capeluj @mabelynncapeluj 409k followers (San Diago, CA, USA)
  • Sara Stos @sarastos11 302k followers (Miami, Florida, USA)
  • Leanna Bartlett @leannabartlett 3.2 Million followers (Kherson, Ukraine)
  • Amanda Ventrone @aventronexo 467k followers (New York, United States)
  • Kseniya Belousova @seniya_bella 547k followers (Siberia)
  • Amanda Taylor @amandatayylor 1 Million followers (North Carolina, United States)
  • Savannah DeLane Morris @savannahdelane 474k followers (Atlanta, USA)
  • Kelsie Jean Smeby @kjsmeby 821k followers (Norway, Europe)
  • Christen Dye @christenash 462k followers (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
  • Abby Dowse @abbydowse 3.2 million followers (New South Wales, Australia)
  • Candace Batts @candacebatts 20k followers (Michigan, USA)
  • Sierra Nicole Lucas @sierranicolelucas 12k followers (Atlanta, USA)

Image Source: Instagram Lady Lux® (@ladyluxswimwear)

Lady Lux Swimwear Model have been featured in top International Magazines namely Women's Health, Maxim, Muscle and Fitness, StyleWatch, Cosmopolitian. It was started by Orange County based swimwear designer Christina Hanna and is based in Newport Beach, California, USA. Lady Lux Swimwear has over 100 employees and has an estimated revenue of  $1.2 Million as per recent filings. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the complete list of Lady Lux Swimwear Model Name and Followers, Instagram, Country.

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