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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Why choose an SEO Reseller program?

You are a digital marketing agency, but you don't have an SEO team???

Your clients are demanding for providing SEO services, but you don't have the bandwidth.

SEO is the need of the hour, and you wish to offer the service as it would boost your business. However, you don't have an SEO team or investment to create one.

The answer to all the above-mentioned situations is to hire an SEO consulting service.

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Who are these SEO consulting services????

These are independent SEO agencies that are well versed with SEO services. These agencies work with digital marketing/branding agencies as their SEO partners. Thus, they are like you are a team but working out from your office. These agencies support you and you can pitch SEO services to your clients as your offering.

Why outsource. I would rather have a team when SEO services will be my constant offering, you may say. So, here we bring you the key benefits of opting SEO reseller program:

  • Quick access: Setting up a team will call for time, effort, and money. In short, setting up an SEO team cannot happen immediately. Whereas, hiring an SEO agency can happen reasonably fast.
  • Expert team: When you outsource the SEO services to an agency, you can be assured of getting access to an expert team. As these agencies are solely for SEO, they have a well-defined team with experts for every aspect of SEO. Thus, you can be sorted about the quality of work.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to setting up a team, outsourcing is always beneficial. Firstly, it reduces your overhead cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house team, giving them infrastructural support and more. However, with outsourcing, it is the agency's responsibility to maintain and pay the overhead costs.
  • Focus on business development: With the support of SEO consulting service, you are free to focus on business development which is your forte as an agency. You can go out in the market and source businesses that are looking for SEO services. Thus, outsourcing impacts your overall business as well.

The above being the key and glaring benefits of empaneling SEO reseller program, there are many benefits that come along. However, you need to be extremely careful while hiring one. Considering that there are many SEO reselling agencies out there, you need to scrutiny them properly before you make your choice. Some of the key pointers to remember while hiring is:

  • Ensure that the agency has a good, qualified and experienced team
  • Ensure that the agency has access to all the latest SEO tools and techniques.
  • Ensure that the agency has enough organic reach building capability. Any agency can do paid reach but, remember that building organically is the key.
  • Ensure that the agency has the bandwidth to take the load of work.
  • Ensure that the agency has sufficient work experience of dealing with diverse clients. Ensure that the agency is a capable of customizing SEO packages based on the client's budget, business type and SEO goal

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