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Sunday, November 13, 2022

How Much Does SEO Cost in India, USA, UK?

With the growing demand for SEO, the SEO company India market is buzzing with agencies blooming like mushrooms. With so much competition, and almost every agency offering or promising the same set of SEO services, SEO prices have become a key factor in choosing an SEO agency as a partner.

Therefore, as a digital marketing agency, it becomes imperative that you check and compare the SEO prices before choosing your SEO company. The SEO prices depend on the type of package chosen. Therefore, we shall have a close look at the commonly offered SEO packages:

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How Much Does SEO Cost in India, USA, UK?

Monthly retainer package: As the name says, this is an SEO package that means empaneling with the client and taking care of the SEO on a monthly basis. This includes creating, designing and implementing the SEO strategy. Brands that understand that SEO is a long term process opt for the monthly retainer model. Based on whether the paid promotion is inclusive or not, monthly retainership starts from a fee of 25,000 and goes up based on what all aspects form the package.

Hour based: If you are starting a new venture, or have semi skilled SEO team in house, hour based service is a good option. As the name, this SEO offers SEO services on an hourly basis. The hour prices purely depend on the purpose of the SEO services and for how many days does the client need SEO service. Sometimes under the hourly basis concept may slow down the SEO process.

Project-based package: Once again, like the name, Project-based package is a package wherein the offer depends on the purpose of SEO. For example, your business is all set to launch a new product or service. You need SEO for the launch event. In such a situation, a project based package is the best. It helps the client to not spend too much amount on SEO. Also, every new addition to the business has a specific goal and so you need an exclusive SEO package for the same. If this is your approach to SEO, project based is perfect. This option is also good for business, who have a reasonably good SEO team in house, who can sustain the digital presence.

Variable basis: SEO generally combines organic and paid reach. Considering that different agencies have different paying capacity, variable basis is a package wherein the SEO agency charges a base fee every month which focuses on organic SEO. However, a certain budget is allocated for paid reach when there is something like a launch of a new campaign or product or service. So, this can be called a mix of monthly package and project-based package.

The above-mentioned packages are the most common and widely used SEO packages. However, these days, SEO agencies are open to tweaking the packages as per the client's requirement. However, irrespective of the package, a minimum of INR 25,000 per month is definitely a minimum amount that you need to cater for a reasonable well-planned SEO. The maximum would depend on your SEO goal.

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