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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Overview of SEO consulting service in USA, UK and India?

Over the years, digital marketing has gained immense momentum. Thanks to the increasing acceptance and technological developments, the virtual world has become a great platform for brands to create their niche and space. This evolution and growth have made businesses understand that digital marketing plays a key role in overall business growth and success.

This growth has led to a lot of SEO consulting services company foray into the industry. These companies provide a gamut of services that assure complete brand SEO. However, the other aspect or addition to SEO consulting is SEO reseller.

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What is SEO reselling???

There are many digital marketing agencies out in the market, however, do all of them know how to provide SEO services??? The answer would be yes and no. For agencies that cannot offer SEO services but want to offer, embracing SEO reseller is the solution.

So, an SEO reseller basically acts as your partner to provide SEO services to your clients under your brand name.

So what does an SEO reseller program cover?

  1. Understanding the competitor: SEO reselling starts with competitor analysis wherein the focus is on understanding what the client's competitor is doing in the digital space. This becomes the foundation to strategise the further SEO plan. 
  2. Conducting keyword research: The next service is keyword research. Keywords are like the heart of the SEO strategy. These are words that would hold your digital content in a common thread and enable the business to get visible in the search. Therefore, the SEO agency, based on the business type, identifies the keywords that are commonly looked by the customers.  
  3. On page optimization: The keywords make you attract the audience and its on-page optimization helps the audience stay on your website or social media handles. The other role of on-page optimization is conversions i.e. converting the visitor into either sale or enquiry. 
  4. Link building: In the current scenario, your network is your net worth. The same rule applies to the digital space as well. That's where link building comes into the picture. Link building builds that credible backlinks that not only helps business to gain visibility but also helps build credibility.
  5. Content creation: Once the digital presence is built, it is the content that keeps it alive. In other words, it is the content that keeps the audience engaged. Therefore, content creation is a crucial element in SEO reselling. Content creation is about keeping all the social media handles and website updated with relevant and engaging content. 
  6. Report making: One of the key reasons that SEO has gained momentum is the fact that it allows the business to measure the success of the SEO strategy. However, to measure the same you need SEO tools that will get you accurate information. Therefore, report making is one of the key elements of SEO reselling services. 

The above being the main aspects that an ideal SEO reseller program covers, there are many additional services that can be chosen. However, the additions would depend upon the client's need and budget. 

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