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Sunday, November 13, 2022

How to Create Initial Ranking Reports For SEO?

Initial Rankings are important as they give you a base to start and measure SEO results. SEO has a goal to rank on specific keyword or search term in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It is done through online tools or manual method by SEO Professionals.

Online Keyword Rank Tools

Manual Keyword Rank Method

Let's talk About All Methods in Details in Further Article. You will know what are pros and cons of using both method and a stepwise guide along with screenshots and images. So read Further.

1: Online Keyword Rank Tools

There are numerous paid and unpaid keyword research tools in market which are used to create bulk keyword rank reports. If you use paid tools then it is fine as they give precise reports and analytics; But if you use unpaid tools then you must use them with care.

Free Tools either it is for keyword ranking or anything else are not 100% precise. The report generated by them needs to be checked again manually for precision.

There are many tools to check keyword rank available online. Below are the few ones.
Paid: SEMRush, Ahref
Un Paid: Small SEO Tools

I prefer to use this method only if you have access to the Paid Tools. All Tools have different UI but main process to check the ranking is same. So Let's talk about checking Keyword Rank on Small SEO Tools.

For Presentation Purpose, We will take below examples:
Keyword: Learn Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Blogs
Location: USA
Search Engine:
  1. Go to the url:
  2. A New Window Will Open the Page.
  3. On This Page Enter The URL of Website You are Checking Rank For.
  4. Choose the country target.
  5. Paste The list of keywords to check. (In Small SEO Tools; There is a limit of 10 Keywords at a time.
  6. The Click on "Check Position" Button
  7. Now A New Window will Appear Showing Rank of Keywords for the URL Specified.
  8. You can click "Download Excel" Button to get complete report or can just copy and paste in your sheet.

Small SEO Keyword Rank Tool Homepage

Window Showing keyword rank results

2: Manual Keyword Rank Method

Manual Check Method to find keyword position is time consuming but it will give you more precision as compared to the free tools. There for I recommend this over using free keyword rank tools.

For presentation purpose; We will take below URL and Keywords
Search Engine:
Location: India
Keywords: egencia travel india pvt ltd gurgaon, apco worldwide india pvt ltd
  1. Go to the Search Engine HomePage i.e
  2. Install "Google SERP Counter" Extension in Chrome or You can search for the extension in extension store of the Browser you are using.
  3. Enter The Keyword  in Search Bar and enter Search Button. Keyword is "egencia travel india pvt ltd gurgaon" in our case. (Refer Images)
  4. Go to The Search Settings and Change the number of results to "100" and Location to "India" and Click Save Button. (Refer Images)
  5. Now the screen will show 100 results at a time based on selected region.
  6. In front of every result there is a number "#1, #2, #3 and so on". It is due to the "Google SERP Counter" extension. This number is the rank. (Refer Images)
  7. Now with the results screen open. Press CTRL+F and find the url on page that you are checking rank for. in our case it is "" (Refer Images)
  8. When you will find URL. It will show you the url and rank in front of it on SERP. If it doesn't find anything then there is no rank in Top 100 results.
  9. Repeat this process for every keyword on your checklist and write rank in report. (Refer Image)

Google Search Result Page

Number of Search Results Setting

Search Results Location setting

Keyword Rank Check : CTRL+F and Enter Url

Report format for keyword rank

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