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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Liliana Montoya Swimwear Fashion Show and Model Names


Watch Complete Liliana Montoya Swimwear Fashion Show. 

Founded in 2006 by Liliana Montoya; This brand in based in Miami, Florida and is an active participant in Miami Swim Week each year. With over 224k Followers on Instagram @lilianamontoyaswim , It is popular among the Sustainable Fashion lovers.

It features it's models in Liliana Montoya Swimwear Fashion Show held in Miami and New York Swim Week. The Models wear the latest swim collections by the designers and make an eye grabbing performance on fashion show ramp. Check out the Model Names with Instagram and Followers below.

Liliana Montoya Model Names - Instagram, Followers

  • Emma Golijanin @emma_gol 293k Followers
  • Brittany Mason @brittanymasonofficial 52k Followers
  • Zita Vass @zitavass 736k Followers
  • Brit Manuela @britmanuela 1.5 Million Followers
  • Yud Yarias @yudyarias 621k Followers
  • Keyshla @keymaisonet 36.7k Followers
  • Paula Diaz @paola1diaz 35.6k Followers
  • Alexis Rupp @alexisrupp24 97.8k Followers
  • Anna Louise @officialannalouise 1.1 Million Followers
  • Priscilla Ricart @priricart 607k Followers
  • Lissa DeLorenzo @lissade 51.6k Followers
  • Kelly Hughes @kellyhues 26.4k Followers
  • Jenn Lee @jennleezy 314k Followers
  • Alannah Keyser @alannahkeyser 12.6k Followers
  • Erika Costell @erikacostell 3.5 Million Followers
  • Fionnghuala @figoreilly 29.2k Followers
  • Kellie @kellieisthebest 17.3k Followers
  • Daniela @mosqueradaniella7 24.7k Followers
  • Ninoska Vasquez @ninoskavasqueza 965k Followers

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