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Friday, June 18, 2021

Liam Payne Debuts Blonde Hair After Maya Henry Breakup

New York, USA: Liam Payne's hair transformation is moving in one direction: blonde!

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The 27-year-old singer said goodbye to his brown tresses and hello to some lighter locks. 

"So, we're doing a little experiment as to whether blondes do have more fun," he said with a laugh in a June 18 Instagram Stories video. "I couldn't keep a straight face."

The verdict? "Not really finding that out," the artist continued, although waking up to a leak in his ceiling didn't help. "I haven't really had more fun than usual."

The style switch-up comes less than two weeks after fans learned that Payne and Maya Henry called off their 10-month engagement. The boy band alum confirmed he's single during a recent episode of Steven Bartlett's The Diary of a CEO podcast.

"I feel like more than anything at this point, I'm more disappointed in myself that I keep on hurting people. That annoys me," he shared. "I've just not been very good at relationships. And I know what my pattern of things is with relationships, I feel at this point. I'm just not very good at them. So, I just need to, like, work on myself before I put myself on to somebody else. And I feel like that's where I got to in my last relationship. I just wasn't giving a very good version of me anymore that I didn't appreciate and I didn't like being."

Ultimately, Payne said he feels "better out of it" and that the split was the "best for both of us." And this new chapter is starting with a new 'do. To see more stars' hair transformations, scroll on.

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