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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Beach Bunny Swimwear Model Names, Instagram, Followers, Country

With over 682k followers on Instagram @beachbunnyswimwear , Beach Bunny Swimwear is one of the leading Swimwear and Swimsuit Manufacturers in USA. It has wide range of collection starting from classic silhouettes to ultra glamorous piece for women. You can see latest summer collections in the Beach Bunny Swimwear Model Fashion Show held every season at Miami/ New York.

Started by former model Angela Chittenden, Beach Bunny Swimwear has been designing swimwear for all ages with a bold and glamorous statement. It is now a global brand with presence in almost all leading offline and online stores worldwide. Let;s know some of Beach Bunny Swimwear Model Names who are often seen in Fashion Shows and Photoshoot with the hot and irresistible collection by the global brand.

Beach Bunny Swimwear Model Names, Instagram, Followers, Country

  • Sarah Houchens @sarahlhouchens 1.6 Million followers (Maryland, USA)
  • Colleen Marie @colleenmmcginniss 190k followers (Miami, Florida, USA)
  • Camryn Henry @xoxcaam 21k followers (Kihei, Hawaii, USA)
  • Megan Blake Irwin @meganblakeirwin 183k followers (Adelaide, South Australia)
  • Taylor Ridley @ridley.taylor 10k followers (USA)
  • Lini Kennedy  @liniikennedy 45k followers (Brazil)
  • Isabella Carr @isabellacarrr 44k followers (USA)
  • Lissette Lobos @lisslobos 31k followers (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Faith Schroder @faithschroder 282k followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Victoria Bush @victoriabbush 24k followers (USA)
  • Emmily Elizabeth @emmilyelizabethh 1.5 Million followers (USA)
  • Sumner Stroh @sumnerstroh 238k followers (Texas, USA)
  • Chloe Faith Curci @chloecurci 21k followers (Newport Beach, CA)
  • Taelor Thein @taelorthein 109k followers (Iowa, USA)
  • Kalani Hilliker @kalanihilliker 6.1 million followers (Arizona, USA)
  • Hannah Ann Sluss @hannahann 1.3 million followers (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Cindy Prado @cindyprado 2.3 million followers (Florida, USA)
  • Megan Allen Mariee @meganmarieee_ 556k followers (San Diego, CA, USA)
  • Olivia Rodriguez @olivialarodriguez 64k followers (A Coruña, Spain)
  • Cindy Mello @cindymello 1.2 million followers (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Beach Bunny Swimwear Model Names
Image Source: Instagram Beach Bunny Swimwear (@beachbunnyswimwear)

Beach Bunny Swimwear was launched at Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain in 2004 by former model Angela Chittenden. It has manufacturing unit at Newport Beach, CA, USA. It has over 250 employees and has an estimated revenue of $30 million worldwide.

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