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Monday, March 4, 2019

Know Alana Panday - Internet Celebrity, Model, Influencer With Bollywood Connection

Alana Panday, the name that is rapidly gaining popularity in the entertainment industry, especially in the United States. With her undeniable talent and captivating charm, Alana is quickly making a name for herself as a rising star in the USA. Alana Panday is an hot Indian Internet Celebrity, Model and Instagram Influencer who is often seen in photoshoot and promotional events of various reputed brands. Alana Panday is an Instagram Influencer with thousands of followers who are always in wait of her hot and sizzling pics and feed. Follow her to know the reason of her growing popularity over Instagram and other social media channels. In this article, we will explore Alana Panday's journey, her achievements, and why she has become a favorite among the American audience.

Alana Panday Instagram: Bio, Wiki, Career/ Profession

Alana Panday is born on 16th August 1995 to renowned businessman Chiki Panday and Celebrity fitness trainer Deanne Panday in Mumbai. She has a sibling named Ahaan Panday. Her family belongs to Bollywood and Renowned actor Chunky Panday is her uncle. Alana is an alumunus of Billabong High School and a graduate from London College of Fashion. Alana Panday's decision to pursue a career in the United States was fueled by her desire to explore new horizons and challenge herself as an artist. She recognized the vast opportunities that the American entertainment industry provides and embarked on her journey with determination and passion.

Upon her arrival in the USA, Alana Panday wasted no time in making an impact. Her natural talent, combined with her striking looks and charming personality, quickly caught the attention of casting directors and producers. She began receiving offers for various acting projects and modeling assignments, establishing her presence in the American entertainment scene. Alana Panday's acting prowess has impressed both critics and audiences alike. She has been a part of several independent films and television series, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress. Collaborating with renowned directors and actors, Alana has proven her ability to adapt to diverse roles and deliver captivating performances.

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Alanna Panday has embarked on a successful career as a model, driven by her unwavering determination to establish herself as a top-tier figure in the industry. Her striking presence has graced the pages of renowned publications like Peacock, solidifying her position in the modeling world. Furthermore, Alanna remains the face of esteemed companies, lending her endorsement to a diverse range of brands. In addition to her modeling pursuits, Alanna co-manages a popular YouTube channel, Alanna & Ivor, alongside her boyfriend Ivor, which boasts an impressive subscriber base of over 150k. Notably, she has also garnered a substantial following as a social media influencer, amassing a dedicated community of 1 million followers on Instagram.

As Alana Panday's career continues to flourish, her future prospects look incredibly promising. With her unwavering dedication, talent, and growing fan base, she is poised to make a significant impact on the American entertainment industry. We can expect to see her in more significant projects, collaborations, and perhaps even starring roles in Hollywood productions. Alana Panday has collaborations with fashion brands like to promote their products and fashion brands.

Alana Panday's striking appearance has also earned her opportunities in the world of fashion and modeling. She has walked the runways of prestigious fashion shows, graced the covers of magazines, and collaborated with renowned fashion brands. Alana's unique sense of style and innate elegance have made her a sought-after figure in the fashion industry.

Alana Panday Birth, Age, Net Worth, Height, Relationship

  • Born: August 16, 1995
  • Birthplace: Mumbai, India
  • Age:  27 years (as of 2023)
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 49 Kgs
  • Figure: 33" - 24" - 34"
  • Professional: Model & influencer
  • Net Worth: $1 million
  • Parents: Deanne Pandey, Chikki Panday
  • Siblings: Ahaan Panday, Rysa Panday
  • Education: London College of Fashion
  • Uncle: Chunky Panday
  • Relationship Status: In Relationship
  • Partner/ Husband: Ivor Mccray
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black

Alana Panday is a natural masterpiece who has all the cults to be a heartthrob. Her Height stands at 5' 6" and  weight 49 Kg with glamorous figure of 33" - 24" - 34". Alana Panday has reportedly dated Yudi Jaisingh who is son of famous fashion designer Monisha Jaisingh. Currently she married Ivor Mccray, her long time boyfriend. Alana Panday is a travel freak who is on vacation to most exotic beaches and islands which are best for her sexy bikini body.

Alana Panday Wedding & Husband Name

Alanna Panday and Ivor Mccray tied the knot in Mumbai on March 16, 2023. Following their traditional Indian wedding, the couple will also have a white wedding to incorporate Ivor's cultural traditions. The lovebirds exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony held in India in November 2022, surrounded by their loved ones. The couple graciously shared pictures of their engagement, which quickly became a sensation among their adoring fans.

Alanna Panday Wedding Lehenga

Alanna Panday, known for her impeccable fashion sense, chose a breathtaking lehenga for her wedding day. Adorned in intricate embroidery and embellishments, her lehenga reflected elegance and sophistication. The ensemble perfectly accentuated her beauty and added to the grandeur of the occasion. Alanna's choice of lehenga undoubtedly set new trends and inspired many brides-to-be.

Alanna Panday Wedding Mehendi

One of the most cherished pre-wedding traditions in Indian weddings is the mehendi ceremony, and Alanna Panday's wedding was no exception. The mehendi ceremony is a joyous celebration where the bride's hands and feet are adorned with henna designs. Alanna's mehendi ceremony was a colorful affair, filled with laughter, music, and traditional rituals. The intricate and beautiful mehendi designs added an artistic touch to her hands, symbolizing love, prosperity, and marital bliss.

Alanna Panday Wedding Dance

No Indian wedding is complete without dancing, and Alanna Panday's wedding witnessed some mesmerizing performances. The bride and groom, along with their friends and family, showcased their dancing prowess on the dance floor. The energy, coordination, and enthusiasm of the dancers created an electrifying atmosphere. The wedding dance performances left the guests enthralled and added an extra sparkle to the celebration.

Alanna Panday Wedding Video

To immortalize the precious moments of Alanna Panday's wedding, a captivating wedding video was created. The video captured the essence of the entire celebration, showcasing the emotions, rituals, and heartwarming interactions. From the joyous mehendi ceremony to the heartfelt vows exchanged at the wedding ceremony, the video beautifully encapsulated the love and happiness that filled the air. It served as a cherished keepsake for Alanna and her loved ones to relive those magical moments.

Alanna Panday Wedding Date

The date March 16, 2023 of Alanna Panday's wedding was a much-anticipated detail for her fans and well-wishers. However, the specific date has not been publicly disclosed, as privacy is often valued during such personal events. The wedding date was known to close friends and family, who joined the couple in celebrating their special day.

Alanna Panday Wedding Reception

Following the wedding ceremony, Alanna Panday and her husband hosted a lavish wedding reception. The reception was a grand affair attended by celebrities, friends, and family members. The couple welcomed their guests with warmth and hospitality, creating an ambiance filled with love and joy. The reception venue was elegantly decorated, and guests enjoyed delectable cuisine and danced the night away, making it an unforgettable celebration.

Alanna Panday Wedding Guests

The wedding guests who attended Alanna Panday's nuptials were a blend of close friends, family members, and well-known personalities from the film and fashion industry. They came together to bless the couple and share in their joyous union. The presence of these notable guests added glamour and excitement to the wedding, making it a star-studded affair.

Alanna Panday Wedding Photos

Throughout the wedding celebrations, numerous photographs were taken, capturing every precious moment. Alanna Panday's wedding photos exuded grace, love, and happiness. From the candid shots of her getting ready for the ceremony to the group pictures with her loved ones, every frame reflected the joyous spirit of the occasion. These photographs will undoubtedly be cherished by Alanna and her family for years to come.

In the age of digital media, Alana Panday has effectively leveraged her social media presence to connect with her fans and expand her reach. With a significant following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, she engages her audience through captivating content, sharing glimpses of her personal life and professional achievements. Alana Panday's relatability, talent, and charismatic presence have resonated strongly with the American audience. Her ability to seamlessly blend her Indian heritage with the American culture has struck a chord with viewers, allowing her to connect on a deeper level. Alana's popularity continues to soar as she becomes a role model for aspiring artists in the USA.

Alana is one of the most awaited starkid in Bollywood. She is very active on social media blogging about make up, fashion, food, travel and work out. Alana has been featured in a number of magazines like Vogue, Filmfare, Peacock Magazine which talk about her beauty and mass appeal. 

What does Alanna Pandey do for a living?

Alanna Pandey is primarily known as a social media influencer and model. She has been active in the fashion industry, working on various modeling projects and appearing in publications. She has also ventured into other endeavors, such as running a YouTube channel and collaborating with brands.

Is Alanna Panday related to Ananya Pandey?

Yes, Alanna Panday is related to Ananya Pandey. They are cousins. Ananya Pandey is an actress who made her debut in Bollywood with the film "Student of the Year 2" in 2019.

Who are Alanna and Ivor?

Alanna and Ivor refer to Alanna Panday and her boyfriend. They are known for co-managing a YouTube channel together called "Alanna & Ivor." They share content related to their personal lives, travels, and various experiences.

Who is Alanna Panday's husband?

On March 16, 2023, Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray exchanged vows in a joyous ceremony attended by their loved ones.

Ananya Panday HD Images - Brand Photoshoots

Welcome to the world of Ananya Panday's stunning brand photoshoots captured in high-definition (HD) images! As a rising star in the entertainment industry, Ananya Panday has graced numerous brand campaigns, showcasing her impeccable style and charm. In this collection, we present you with a mesmerizing compilation of her brand photoshoots, where she effortlessly embodies elegance, sophistication, and a vibrant energy. 

From fashion labels to beauty brands, Ananya's captivating presence shines through each frame, leaving a lasting impression. Explore this gallery of HD images that perfectly capture Ananya Panday's allure and charisma, as she continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion and glamour.

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