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Friday, August 10, 2018

How to Download FSSAI Registration Certificate?

FSSAI is the main authority in India to issue license to food business entities after checking the quality standards of the food products by business. To download FSSAI registration certificate online; just go through the stepwise process to obtain FSSAI food license in India. You can consult a FSSAI food license registration consultant to ease your license registration and approval.


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There are three kind of FSSAI registration certificate.

  1. Basic FSSAI license certificate
  2. State FSSAI license certificate
  3. Central FSSAI license certificate

FSSAI Registration Procedure

  1. Go to the official website :
  2. Choose the right category you fall in
  3. Fill the form for FSSAI registration certificate online
  4. Upload the documents for FSSAI registration
  5. Inspection is carried out by inspector on Business premises
  6. If qualified, FSSAI registration certificate is issued.
  7. You can download FSSAI registration certificate from the official website.

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