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Friday, August 10, 2018

How to Check FSSAI License Number Online?

FSSAI  License Number is crucial for the food business owners. FSSAI license permits the business owners to operate a food business without any hassles and enables them to use the fssai logo and license number on products. The FSSAI registration increases the trust and credibility of product among consumers. To know the validity and authenticity of the FSSAI registration, one must know how to check FSSAI license number online on the official website.


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Here is the step wise guide to check FSSAI license number online.

  1. Go to the specified url:
  2. In the new window; Enter the FSSAI license number in the “ Enter license/ registration No.” textbox
  3. Click submit button below the box
  4. On New window, you will see the see details of the FSSAI registration

Now match the details on screen with that on the package and verify check FSSAI license number authenticity and validity. Although; it is a simple process but sometimes a common person can find it difficult to check the FSSAI license. Thus you can seek guidance from the leading food license consultants in Delhi. Fill the form to get a callback and get your query solved.

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