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Monday, March 25, 2024

Why Infy Share Is Falling

25 March 2024: Infosys share price has been on a rollercoaster ride recently. Here's a glimpse into why it might be falling:

  • Recent Downturn: In April 2023, Infosys shares witnessed a significant fall after the company posted weak Q4 results and reduced its annual revenue forecast. This raised concerns about Infosys' near-term growth prospects.
  • Global Economic Concerns: A slowdown in the global economy, especially the US, can impact the demand for IT services, which is Infosys' core business. Investors might be cautious due to these global factors.
  • Profit Booking: After a period of strong performance, investors might be taking profits by selling their Infosys shares, leading to a temporary price decline.

It's important to note that Infosys also had a recent positive development:

Q3 2024 Results: In October 2023, Infosys reported decent Q3 results, leading to a significant jump in share price. This indicated a possible turnaround for the company. 

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