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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Backstage with Kendall Jenner: A Glimpse into Fashion Month | Vogue

Vogue, the iconic fashion and lifestyle publication, offers an exclusive backstage pass to the electrifying world of Fashion Month, with none other than the renowned model and socialite, Kendall Jenner. In a behind-the-scenes feature captured by Director Sam Sussman and his team, Vogue takes us on a journey beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower at a L'Oréal show, offering a unique perspective on Kendall's experiences, her inspirations, and her candid moments in the dazzling fashion arena.

The video interview with Kendall Jenner showcases the model's charismatic personality as she delves into her encounters during Fashion Month. In a remarkable admission, she confesses to being star-struck by none other than the talented actress Viola Davis, revealing that even the most famous figures in the fashion world can be awestruck by their peers.

Kendall Jenner doesn't just stop at discussing her admiration for Viola Davis. She shares insights into her personal life, referring to it as her "Roman Empire." This intriguing metaphor offers a glimpse into the multi-faceted nature of her career and the vast empire she has built for herself in the fashion industry.

As the conversation continues, Kendall reflects on the distinction between walking the runway and being in the audience. She offers an insider's perspective on the adrenaline, glamour, and excitement of strutting down the catwalk and watching the show unfold from the front row. Her unique vantage point as a supermodel adds depth and authenticity to her observations.

Adding a delightful touch to the backstage conversation, viewers get to witness a heartwarming impromptu moment between Kendall Jenner and her mother, Kris Jenner. As Kris stops by to wish her daughter luck, it's a reminder that even global fashion icons have family bonds that matter deeply to them.

The talented team behind the scenes, including Director of Photography Plume Fabre, Editor Ana Fangayen, Senior Producer Jordin Rocchi, and many others, collaboratively capture these intimate and revealing moments with Kendall Jenner. The result is a candid and illuminating glimpse into the world of high fashion and celebrity culture.

As the curtain falls on this exclusive backstage interview, Vogue leaves its audience with a profound appreciation for the dedication, talent, and charisma of Kendall Jenner and the remarkable world of Fashion Month. This behind-the-scenes feature underscores the magic that unfolds beneath the glamorous façade of the fashion industry and the intriguing stories that await discovery.

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