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Monday, September 4, 2023

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram? Hack 2023

In the age of social media, Instagram's blue verification tick has become a symbol of authenticity and prestige. It signifies that an account is legitimate, and its content is worth following. If you're an aspiring influencer, a small business owner, or just someone who wants to boost their online credibility, getting that elusive blue tick on your Instagram profile is a goal worth pursuing. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to achieve this coveted status. 

What are Verified Badges (Blue Tick) on Meta/ Instagram?

Verified badges, commonly known as Blue Ticks, serve as a mark of authenticity and credibility on Instagram, which is owned by Meta. These badges are designed to make it easier for users to identify and connect with public figures, celebrities, and brands they want to follow. Here's what you need to know about Verified Badges on Instagram:

1. Authentication of Authenticity:

A verified badge, denoted by a blue tick icon, appears next to the name of an Instagram account. This badge signifies that Instagram has conducted a verification process and confirmed that the account is the genuine representation of a specific person or brand.

2. A Tool for Authenticity:

The verified badge serves as a powerful tool to help users distinguish between real accounts and potential imposters or fan accounts. It enhances trust and credibility within the Instagram community.

3. Real Accounts for Real People and Brands:

When an account displays the verified badge, it is a signal that the account is the legitimate and official presence of a particular public figure, celebrity, or brand. This helps users know they are engaging with the real deal.

4. Username Consistency:

Once an Instagram account is verified, it typically comes with a condition. Public figures, celebrities, and brands that meet certain account and eligibility requirements may not change their username on their account. This ensures that the account maintains its authenticity and prevents confusion among followers.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Without Being Famous?

1. Understand the Verification Criteria

Before you dive into the verification process, it's essential to understand Instagram's criteria for granting the blue tick. While Instagram doesn't disclose all the details, here are some key factors:

  • Authenticity: Your account must represent a real person, business, or entity.
  • Uniqueness: Your account should be unique and not impersonate someone else.
  • Notability: You must be a well-known figure in your field, with a substantial following.
  • Completeness: Your profile must be complete with a profile picture, bio, and at least one post.

2. Build a Strong Presence

In the USA, gaining a substantial following on Instagram often involves building a strong online presence. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Consistent Posting: Regularly share engaging content related to your niche.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and messages to create a loyal following.
  • Collaborate: Partner with other influencers or businesses in your industry.
  • Use Hashtags: Research and use relevant hashtags to expand your reach.

3. Verify Your Identity

To prove your authenticity, Instagram may require you to verify your identity. This step is crucial for USA users:

  • Submit Documents: Be prepared to provide official documents, such as a driver's license or passport.
  • Verification Forms: Fill out Instagram's verification forms with accurate information.
  • Public Figure: If you're a public figure, make sure your accounts on other social media platforms are consistent with your Instagram presence.

4. Get Media Coverage

In the USA, media coverage can significantly boost your notability:

  • Press Mentions: Seek coverage from reputable media outlets relevant to your niche.
  • Collaborate with Local Influencers: Partner with influencers or celebrities in your area.
  • Awards and Recognition: Highlight any awards or recognition you've received in your field.

5. Be Patient and Persistent

The verification process can be lengthy, and Instagram receives numerous verification requests daily. It's essential to be patient and persistent:

  • Follow Up: If your request is denied, wait at least 30 days before reapplying.
  • Keep Growing: Continue to build your following and online presence while waiting for verification.

Getting the blue tick on Instagram can open doors to new opportunities, especially in the USA, where social media presence is highly valued. Remember that the verification process can be challenging, but with dedication and a strategic approach, you can increase your chances of success. Build your presence, verify your identity, and stay persistent. Soon, that blue tick may grace your Instagram profile, signifying your status as a recognized and respected figure in your niche. Good luck on your verification journey! 

In conclusion, obtaining that coveted blue checkmark on Instagram without being famous is indeed a challenging task, but it's not impossible. While the process may be more demanding for those who haven't yet achieved widespread recognition, it's essential to remember that the blue checkmark signifies authenticity and trustworthiness. To increase your chances of success, focus on building a strong and genuine online presence, engage with your audience, and provide valuable content in your niche. Consistency, dedication, and patience are your allies in this journey. Additionally, consider collaborating with influencers or seeking media coverage to boost your credibility.

Request a verified badge for your Instagram profile

You can request a verified badge for your Instagram profile by following these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram App: Make sure you are using the official Instagram app on your mobile device.
  2. Log In: If you're not already logged in, log in to the Instagram account that you want to request verification for.
  3. Go to Your Profile: Tap on your profile picture or the profile icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to go to your profile.
  4. Open Settings: On your profile, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner to access the menu. This will open a sidebar.
  5. Access Account Settings: Scroll down and tap "Settings" at the bottom of the sidebar.
  6. Request Verification: In the Settings menu, tap "Account," and then tap "Request Verification."
  7. Fill Out the Request Form: Instagram will prompt you to fill out a verification request form. This form typically asks for account username, full name (if you're a person) or the name of your brand or entity, category that best describes your account (e.g., Celebrity, Musician, Business, etc.) & a photo of your government-issued ID (if you're a person) or other official business documents (if you're a brand or entity).
  8. Submit Your Request: After filling out the required information and providing the necessary documents, tap "Send" or "Submit."
  9. Wait for a Response: Instagram will review your request, and if your account meets their verification criteria, they will grant you a verified badge. If your request is denied, you can reapply 30 days after receiving the denial.

It's important to note that Instagram's verification process can take some time, and meeting the criteria doesn't guarantee verification. Instagram reviews each request individually, and the decision is at their discretion. For More Visit: Request a verified badge for your Instagram profile

Please keep in mind that the verification process and requirements may change over time, so I recommend checking Instagram's official help center or website for the most up-to-date information on how to request a verified badge for your profile.

Requirements to apply for a verified badge on Instagram

To apply for a verified badge on Instagram, you can follow these steps and meet the specified requirements:

1. Subscribe to Meta Verified:

Before applying for the verified badge, ensure that you are subscribed to Meta Verified. This is a service provided by Meta, the parent company of Instagram, to help users verify their accounts.

2. Apply for the Verified Badge If You Meet the Criteria:

Verification on Instagram is typically reserved for accounts belonging to public figures, celebrities, brands, and entities of significant notability. To be eligible for the verified badge, you need to meet certain account and eligibility requirements.

3: For Accounts Not Subscribed to Meta Verified:

If you are not subscribed to Meta Verified, Instagram will evaluate your account based on several factors to determine if it meets their verification criteria. These criteria may include:

a. Authenticity: Your account must represent a real person, brand, or entity. It should not be impersonating someone else.

b. Uniqueness: Your account should be unique and not a duplicate or fan account.

c. Notability: You should be a well-known and notable figure in your field. This can include celebrities, public figures, brands, and other entities with a significant presence and influence.

d. Completeness: Ensure that your profile is complete with a profile picture, bio, and at least one post.

e. Adherence to Community Guidelines: You must adhere to Instagram's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. If you've violated these guidelines in the past, it might affect your eligibility for verification.

Instagram reviews each application individually, and the decision to grant the verified badge is at their discretion. Please note that the verification process and requirements may evolve over time, so it's a good idea to check Instagram's official help center or website for the most up-to-date information on how to apply for and meet the requirements for a verified badge on the platform. For More Visit: Requirements to apply for a verified badge on Instagram

Even if you're not famous, if you genuinely represent yourself, your brand, or your cause, and you're committed to fostering a meaningful online community, you can work towards earning that blue checkmark on Instagram. It's a symbol of credibility that can open doors to new opportunities and connect you with a broader audience who values your authentic voice and content.

How many followers do you need for a blue tick on Instagram, Meta Verified?

Instagram does not have a specific follower count requirement for getting a blue verification checkmark (blue tick). While having a significant following can certainly help your case, the verification process takes into account various factors beyond just follower count. Instagram's criteria for verification include factors like authenticity, uniqueness, notability, and the completeness of your profile. Whether you have 100,000+ followers or less than 10,000 followers, you can still apply if you meet the criteria noted above.

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