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Friday, April 12, 2024

Fashion To Figure (FTF) Model Names - Plus-Size Models to Watch

Fashion To Figure has proudly featured a diverse and dynamic roster of models who have not only graced the runways and campaigns but have also redefined and expanded the very definition of beauty and style. From the catwalk to the forefront of inclusive fashion, these remarkable individuals have brought life and charisma to the brand's collections, showcasing the power of representation and self-expression. With names that resonate in the fashion world and beyond, Fashion To Figure models have become advocates for body positivity, diversity, and the celebration of individuality.

Fashion To Figure Model Names List

  • Aiyana N. Ishmael (@aiyanaish)
  • Alex LaRosa (@missalexlarosa)
  • Angelina (@getdigitalwithlina)
  • Britta Borden (@britt_dazzle)
  • Chanel B (@iamchanel_b)
  • Gabi (@gabifresh)
  • Kellie B (@itsmekellieb)
  • Lateciat (@lateciat)
  • Lauren Alexandria (@itslaurenalexandria)
  • Lauren-Nicole (@laurennicolefk)
  • Mrs. Williams (@jezra_m)
  • Naomi (@naomiheartsxo)
  • Nzinga Imani (@nzingaimani)
  • Princess Ann (@princess___ann)
  • Reesie Cherie (@reesiecherie)
  • Rochelle Johnson (@iambeauticurve)
  • Stephanie (@gingersnapss2)
  • Tam Nelson (@tambrienelson)
  • Tinsaye (@aspectsoftinsaye)
  • Tori Block (@torii.block)

Fashion To Figure: Celebrating Style in Every Size

Fashion To Figure stands as a prominent United States retailer specializing in plus-size clothing and associated accessories. Founded in 2002, the brand has emerged as a trailblazer in the fashion industry by championing inclusivity and catering to a diverse range of body types. With a commitment to redefining beauty standards and promoting body positivity, Fashion To Figure has resonated with individuals seeking stylish and empowering clothing options. 

Despite facing challenges, such as its parent company B. Lane Inc. filing for bankruptcy in November 2017, Fashion To Figure has persevered, continuing to offer a compelling array of fashionable choices for the curvy community. As a privately held company, the brand has managed to maintain its dedication to providing a welcoming shopping experience and fostering a sense of confidence and self-expression. 

With headquarters located in the vibrant hub of New York City, Fashion To Figure remains at the forefront of the plus-size fashion movement, celebrating the beauty of every size and shape. For a glimpse into their latest designs and offerings, you can explore their Instagram profile: @fashiontofigure.

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