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Friday, July 7, 2023

How To Vote In Bigg Boss OTT? Voting Trends & Results

Welcome to the world of Bigg Boss, one of India's most popular reality shows that captivates millions of viewers with its drama, entertainment, and intense competition. With each season, the show brings a fresh batch of contestants who live together in a specially designed house, cut off from the outside world. As the weeks progress, alliances form, conflicts arise, and emotions run high, making Bigg Boss a thrilling rollercoaster ride for both the participants and the audience.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Voting, Contestants, Elimination & More

Here are some general steps to participate in the voting process:

1: Watch the show: Bigg Boss OTT typically airs on a specific channel or streaming platform. Make sure you have access to the show and follow the episodes regularly.

2: Identify the voting window: The show usually announces the opening and closing times for the voting window during each episode. Pay attention to these announcements to know when you can cast your vote.

3: Voting methods: Bigg Boss OTT usually provides multiple methods for voting. Some common methods include:

  • Online Voting: Visit the official website or JioCinema app associated with Bigg Boss OTT. Look for the voting section or instructions provided. Follow the given steps to vote for your favorite contestant. This usually involves selecting the contestant's name or picture and confirming your vote.
  • SMS Voting: The show may provide a specific number to which you can send an SMS with the code or name of your chosen contestant. Ensure that you send the message within the designated voting window and follow the format provided.
  • Missed Call Voting: Each contestant is typically assigned a unique phone number. You can cast your vote by giving a missed call to the designated number associated with your chosen contestant. Remember to dial the number within the voting period and only call once to register your vote.

4: Voting limits: There are usually restrictions on the number of votes per person. The show may specify a maximum limit for each voting method, such as one vote per method per day. Make sure to adhere to the rules and regulations provided by the show.

5: Follow official guidelines: To ensure that your vote is counted, it's important to follow the official guidelines provided by the show. Pay attention to any specific instructions, terms, and conditions related to the voting process.

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