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Monday, March 6, 2023

Five Pros of Buying Property in Dubai

At the moment, there is a certain revival in the real estate market in Dubai. Demand for all housing categories is growing, and prices per square meter are gradually rising. An extensive database of HARBOUR LIGHTS in UAE allows you to choose to house for every taste and budget, attracting large investors and those who want to buy housing for personal use or move to permanent residence.

An inexpensive apartment in HARBOUR LIGHTS in UAE has a lot of advantages: the presence of a gym, a beauty salon, a swimming pool, a parking space, a common lounge for rest and work, CCTV cameras, and various cafes and restaurants.

What attractions attract the attention of tourists? Why has the demand for real estate next to cultural heritage increased several times? How much do apartments in Dubai cost?

Dubai is rightfully the center of tourism and cultural heritage of the country.

Over the past few years, Dubai has been in high demand among foreign homebuyers, including citizens of many countries actively buying real estate in the emirate. Over the year, the number of homebuyers in Dubai has increased by 65%.

Five Benefits of Buying Property in Dubai

The UAE authorities are actively developing Dubai as a center of world tourism and an ideal city for work and business development. There are some resorts with excellent service, several free economic zones, and technology parks for developing startups in innovative technologies.

The high demand for real estate in Dubai is due to the following advantages:

  • The warm climate throughout the year and the opportunity to relax on the numerous sandy beaches of the Persian Gulf;
  • The presence of two international airports in the city with direct flights to various major cities;
  • Excellent infrastructure of the city with a wide choice of places for recreation, sports, and entertainment;
  • High level of security in the country;
  • Loyal tax legislation allows you to develop your business actively.

Visas for buying property in Dubai

In addition to the benefits listed above, homebuyers in Dubai can expect to obtain the status of a UAE resident. A three-year resident visa is issued upon purchase for 750 thousand AED. Recently, the rules for obtaining a "golden visa" of a resident, which is given for up to 10 years, have also been simplified. Recipients of resident visas for investment in real estate can also open sponsorship visas for their close relatives.

Dubai real estate features

When buying a home in Dubai, it is essential to consider that the right of full private ownership of real estate can be obtained in strictly defined areas of the city. Their list is gradually expanding and includes the most famous mountain communities such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and many others. If the territory is not included in the freehold zone, then foreigners cannot purchase housing in full private ownership. In this case, you can only redeem the right to lease for 100 years. This type of housing cannot be inherited, donated, etc.

Main Attractions

  1. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world; its height is 828 meters. The dimensions of the building were hidden to the last so that in the case of building buildings in other cities, increase the height and become a leader. The mosque's name is dedicated to the President of the United Arab Emirates. To visit the observation deck, you must purchase a ticket in advance, costing about $ 100. For this money, you will have a panoramic view of the city center and an atmosphere of grandeur.
  2. Palm Island is an amazing artificial island visible even from outer space. The island looks like a date palm, which is sacred in Islam.
  3. Gold market. In secret: there are more than 10 tons of gold here, and the largest ring in the world weighing 64 kg flaunts. An abundance of products for every wallet: watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bags, umbrellas, and even gold carpets.

What is driving the demand for property near cultural sites?

A large concentration of tourists near the central monuments of architecture has always attracted the attention of investors worldwide. This is a profitable investment in the future and a great opportunity to earn good money.

The demand for housing near historical sites is driven by the desire of tourists to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the country and live in the central part of the city.

Convenient selection of real estate in the Emirates.Estate website

To choose the best option for an apartment or house in Dubai, visit the website Emirates.Estate. Here are various offers from developers (developers) and real estate agencies. Thanks to sorting by real estate categories, you can find the current prices in euros, dollars, and dirhams for studios, apartments, villas, and townhouses. Such a convenient search will help you choose the most interesting offers on the market today with comfort.

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