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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Kendra Lust - OnlyFans 2023 Photos and Videos

Kendra Lust (born September 18, 1978) is an American model and ad*lt film actress. In 2012, Kendra Lust was voted number one in the list of "America's Most S*xually adventurous women" by The Huffington Post. Kendra Lust has worked primarily in solo adult scenes. She was born Kendra Lynn Lea at the University of California-San Bernadino and went on to pursue a career as a cosmetologist, which she did for over ten years before hitting the big time.

Kendra Lust - OnlyFans Model Biography and Career

She was Playboy magazine's Pl*ymate of the Month for their May 2006 issue. Lust has been in more than 25 adult films and is also a regular at various str*p clubs. Kendra Lust is an American p*rn star and adult model, who entered the industry in 2016 after winning a contest at Reality Kings. She rose to prominence in 2017 when her videos were viewed more than nine million times on P*rn-hub, with over one million of those views coming in just two days.

Kendra was born in Madison Heights, Michigan, United States. Kendra was named after Carmen Electra, who is also from South Dakota. She grew up on a farm where she never saw any p*rn or had access to it until she got older.  She started working at a Dairy Queen when she was 15 years old and took over the job from her father.  She also worked at a Pizza Hut and other places before signing with Vivid Entertainment in 2003 for her career in ad*lt films. 

She is quite famous on social media. Have a look at her social presensce.

  • Kendra Lust™ on Instagram (@kendralust) - 8.1 M followers
  • Kendra Lust™ on Twitter (@KendraLust) - 1.4 M followers

Kendra Lust Height, Weight, Measurements and Net Worth

  1. Name: Kendra Lust
  2. Website:
  3. Born: 18 September 1978 (age 44 years)
  4. Birthplace: Madison Heights, Michigan, United States
  5. Movies and TV shows: The Stepmother 8, Miss Tushy
  6. Height: 5' 4"
  7. Bust: 34"
  8. Waist: 26"
  9. Hips: 38"
  10. Measurements: 34"-26"-38"
  11. Real/ Full name: Michele Anne Mason
  12. Nationality: American
  13. Net Worth: $3.5 Million
  14. Education: University of Michigan

Kendra Lust currently has two official sites. They're run by companies that don't seem to have any qualms about getting into the adult market, but if you're looking for a true all-encompassing site for Lust, you'd best expect it to never come. You can follow her on Onlyfans instead. There are several options you can choose from when subscribing, ranging from $7 per month to $19 per month. (And yes, she gets a cut of that.)

Watch Kendra Lust OnlyFans 2023 Photos and Videos

Kendra Lust Onlyfans is a beautiful 35-year-old adult film actress, who is also known as Prinzzess, born in Seattle, Washington. Lust grew up in southern California and first began working as a dancer at Foxy Lady in Marina del Rey. She then became an e*otic model and learned how to do photo shoots and videos before entering the ad*lt film industry in 2011.

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Image Source: Kendra Lust™ (@kendralust) • Instagram photos and videos

Since her images are exclusive to the Kendra Lust OnlyFans network, there's no worry about them being posted on other sites. And by getting paid per monthly fan, Kendra has an incentive to give fans incentives like bonus photos, videos, and live web cam sessions. Be sure to subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Twitter. You'll be the first to hear about new projects we're working on! And, as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions of your own, don't hesitate to shoot us an email.

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