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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Eloquii Models Names List, Instagram and Country

As Eloquii continues to grow, the brand will hopefully continue to expand the curvy fashion models that it uses to represent its clothing line. This will allow them to use more diverse Eloquii models in their editorials and campaigns, and to reach out to a larger audience than before. There is no denying that women of all different body types can look beautiful in fashionable clothing, so hopefully this is a sign that other companies such as Eloquii see that as well—and will begin expanding their size range (and our closets) as a result. Here we will write about the list of Eloquii Model Names who appear in all adverts of the company.

The common belief is that fashion models are not appropriate for truly plus size clothing. Many fashion designers try to lower their sizes to get a better look for their clothing on models. But Eloquii Fashion Models offers a masterpiece for every plus size shopper. They have been putting out high quality clothes since 2005, and by 2012 they had over a quarter of a million customers and were named one of the fastest growing companies in the country. With an increase in sales each month, it seems like more people are coming around to Eloquii's way of thinking that there is no need to change one's body to wear beautiful clothing.

Eloquii Models Names List

  1. Natalie @nataldee 73.9k followers
  2. Akilah (USA)
  3. Sarah Nicole Landry @thebirdspapaya 2.2m followers
  4. Maxey Greene @maxeygreene 109k followers (NYC, USA)
  5. Alessandra Garcia @alessandragl 107k followers 
  6. Max @curvesandcatwalks 7.6k followers
  7. Alnisa McNealy (New Jersey, USA)
  8. Solange @solangevandoorn 65.1k followers
  9. Eva Hasty @thecurvycarrottop 22.2k followers
  10. Alison (Washington DC, USA)
  11. Dani Candray @alopeachia  13k followers (USA)
  12. Jessica Milagros @jmilagrosplus 88k followers (Chicago, USA)
  13. Candace @candesland 34k followers
  14. Latoya (New York City, USA)
  15. Tayler Smith @ttaylersmithh 5.9k followers
  16. Staci Pratt @stacipratt 26k followers (California, USA)
  17. Palencia (Detroit, USA)
  18. Alexis Henry @thealexishenry 26k followers (USA)
  19. Sarah (New York City, USA)
  20. Tinder Badhesha @tinderoni 8.6k followers
  21. Jazzmine Carthon @jazzminecarthon 15.9k followers ( LA, NYC, USA)
  22. Kristen (Los Angeles, USA)
  23. Ariel Pierre Louis @couvertier_louis 13k followers (USA)
  24. Alma (Arizona, USA)
  25.  Liz @withwonderandwhimsy (Michigan, USA)

For some women, it's more than just a fashion statement. It's about feeling at ease in their clothes as much as possible, without feeling like everyone else is watching. In that sense, Eloquii gives plus-size women hope that they will one day find the clothing and styles that fit better, feel better and make them feel more beautiful. Eloquii Models is a great option for most plus size women and you'll be happy to know that they have a large variety of clothing for all of your fashion needs!

On the one hand, this is a step in the right direction. It's never too early to start promoting body positivity and self-acceptance. On the other hand, this doesn't fix everything that's wrong with the fashion industry and its idealization of women. There are still plenty of women out there who struggle with body image issues and are constantly bombarded by images that tell them that they're not good enough just as they are. But there's no denying that this is a step in the right direction—and it could help usher in a new age of acceptance for all women, not just those who happen to fit into Eloquii's embrace. Please visit the profiles of each Eloquii models names. This is a great, ethical, brand and they have very fashionable plus size clothing. I absolutely love their garments and have bought quite a few. Everything they carry is extremely flattering. I've never been disappointed with anything that I've bought from them.

Image Source: ELOQUII (@eloquii) • Instagram photos and videos

With a broad range of exclusive designer brands and its own Intimate Brand line, Eloquii offers a wide selection of intimate apparel to fit every personal style. Eloquii also offers customers an array of complementary accessories, including lingerie bags, hosiery wallets, hosiery tassels and more.  Eloquii is a popular plus size modeling agency based in CA. They hire mostly women to model for their catalogs, photo shoots and runway shows. The agency prides itself on having lots of diversity (especially when one looks at their latest model search results).  Eloquii is seeking models to help market their plus size line. You get to model in brand new territory and have fun while doing it. Your work will be featured in high quality magazines, catalogs and online stores. And we'll give you lots of tips from other plus size models so that you can improve your own confidence and business sense.

Eloquii is an up and coming modeling agency that has been getting a lot of attention over the past year. Eloquii models are known for their runway looks and have worked with brands like Nordstrom, Nike, Macy's and many more. If you are looking to become a model or just wanna learn more about modeling you should definitely check out their website.  Eloquii is a company that curates the best and biggest collection of plus size models, bloggers and influencers in the industry.

Watch Some of the Popular Eloquii Models

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