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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Kaohs Swim Models Names - Miami Swim Week

With the help of swimwear fashion industry, Kaohs Swim has developed a reputation in North America to help retailers and consumers identify their collection. Los Angeles based KAOHS Swim was founded in 2013 when two girls, Tess Hamilton and Ali Hoffmann, came together to curate a line of swimwear. Kaohs Swim is a swimwear brand that caters to women who are inspired by skate, boho and surf culture. Kaohs have created swimsuits with classic silhouettes in rich prints and bright colors. The girls design each collection with the intention of making their customers feel powerful, feminine and comfortable in their suits.

We hope that this model names list will help companies around the world to present the totality of their line in a structured way, avoiding any mistake or confusion in the future. All models are 22 years old or older. Hopefully this list of swim model names will be helpful to people looking for a taste of authenticity. These names are ready to go if you need them, just add them to the mix when creating the members of your story world. This Koahs Swim model names list include names of top celebrities Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rocky Barnes who have made their runway appearance in Koahs Miami Swim Week. 

Kaohs Swim Models Names List

  1. Tess Annique
  2. Shannon Barker
  3. Celeste Bright
  4. Saria Chen
  5. Sofia Jamora
  6. Sarah Kohan
  7. Ashley M Lands
  8. Madison Louch
  9. Kourtney Kardashian
  10. Kendall Jenner
  11. Kylie Jenner
  12. Bella Hadid
  13. Rocky Barnes
  14. Alexis Ren
  15. Pia Mia
  16. Natasha Oakley
  17. Carmella Rose
  18. Nadia Mejia
  19. Amanda Li Paige
  20. Kylie Rae
  21. Kyra Santoro
  22. Cambrie Schroder
  23. Faith Schroder
  24. Sierra Skye
  25. Paige Watkins
  26. Jasmyn Wilkins
  27. Ally Wright

The Koahs Swim Models walk down the runway to the music mix during their launch parties! There is a perfect mix of sun, beach, fashion shows, designers, swimsuit models, parties and events at the Miami Swim Week. The brand's current selection features swimwear in a variety of vibrant colors and styles that lend themselves to the summer months. The models fully entertained the guests with their fierce energy to the runway with attractive swim wear looks.

Watch Kaohs Swim Models at Miami Swim Week 2018-22

Whether you're hitting the beach or just using your swimming time to relax poolside, KAOHS Swim is the perfect warm-weather attire for those who love to spend time in and around the water. KAOHS Swim is based on a lifestyle of looking great while feeling amazing and spending time outdoors. We use vibrant colors, flowy silhouettes, fun retro prints and all of our pieces are designed to be mixed and matched together for creating the look YOU want, no matter if you're dancing on the beach in BoBe or skating around your local park. Hope you loved to read about the Koahs Model Names List in this article.

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