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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Alexander Mcqueen New York Fashion Week and Fashion Show

New York, NY–Alexander McQueen unveiled its Pre-Fall 2019 collection during New York Fashion Week. The show took place at Pier 59 Studios in New York City on Thursday. Walking the runway were models from Central Casting and agencies including Wilhelmina, IMG Models, and Ford.

The designer Alexander Mcqueen is one of the most talented designers to present their collections during the Fashion Week in New York.  Held at Pier 94 and Pier 90, the Alexander McQueen New York Fashion Show is an event that focuses on fashion and clothing, with a sartorial focus on womenswear. The show is characterized by its avant-garde aesthetics. It is also distinct in its orientation to the runway that remains oriented north despite the direction of city streets, among other factors. The shows location within Manhattan also differs in that it takes place outside of SoHo, an area more associated with fashion design due to its proximity to major design schools.. No doubt, this is arguably the most important of all the New York Fashion Week Model Fashion show in several ways. There are thousands of keen spectators and fashion industry movers who eagerly anticipate the US's premier fashion show, Alexander Mcqueen New York Fashion Show since it started; in fact, they could not wait until the weekend comes so they could watch a number of high-profile personalities flocking to witness it live.

Alexander Mcqueen New York Fashion Week Show

Alexander McQueen New York Fashion Week is a part of the global fashion week circuit and takes place on September 10, 2017 to September 16, 2017. Alexander McQueen started in London but has moved to New York for the Autumn/Winter 2017 show. Fashion is one of the most important industries in the world. It drives the latest trends and tastes, and its center is New York City. Alexander McQueen's recent fashion show was held in New York to feature his new autumn/winter collection for both menswear and womenswear. The show was held at The Park Avenue Armory and was presented by The Alexander McQueen New York Fashion Week is one of the most important and awaited events in the world of fashion. It's the moment where this British brand's creative director, Sarah Burton, has the opportunity to show us its new collection every March!

Alexander McQueen (born Lee Alexander McQueen) is an English fashion designer,. He was born on March 17, 1969, in Lewisham, London and brought up in Stratford, London. The son of a lorry driver and an artist, Lee McQueen started his career working as a illustrator for such magazines as The Face and i-D before joining the Givenchy design team in 1995. Alexander McQueen is a luxury fashion brand that offers its signature dark romantic aesthetic. The Fall Winter 2015 collection 2015 will be presented during New York Fashion Week on February 13 and 14, 2015 at the Metropolitan West venue. Alexander McQueen opened his Fall Winter 2017 show with a mad scientist theme. The designer used these elements as a homage to Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde."

What is Alexander Mcqueen New York Fashion Show?

The Alexander Mcqueen New York show reflected the fashion designer's avant garde vein and his refusal to conform to fashion norms. The show can be described as a conceptual play, that caught the imagination of many, and offered viewers a heavy dose of art. From the models' styling to the sets and music, everything worked together to make this collection one of Alexander Mcqueen's most memorable. The Alexander McQueen show in New York is a melange of thoughtfulness and theatricality, in line with McQueen’s vision. The collection has never seen such design. Alexander McQueen's New York runway show saw a healthy mixture of humor, so-bad-it's-good and high-caliber talent. The collection featured red carpet worthy gowns with laser cut patterns and glittering detailing.

Fashion week is all about how it feels to wear the clothes and be part of a community where the wearer feels like they belong. What mattered the most this season was that that community includes everyone. Alexander McQueen mentioned multiple times during his show that he wanted to give everyone who stepped into his show a feeling of belonging. That anyone could walk down the runway, walk on to the train, or in any way adopt anything they saw. The Alexander McQueen Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection meanders through the theme of "Plato's Atlantis", but it is set in the present. The main focus of the collection is on volume, volume and volume again, exaggerated by playful prints and excellent layering techniques. Alexander McQueen pays tribute to Baroque detailing, sophisticated glamour and lavish opulence. Madness, transgression, danger. All words that have been used to describe McQueens work and all words that were present in his Spring/Summer 2017 presentation. The brand's signature penchant for theatricality was perfectly encapsulated in this particular collection, with each outfit boasting an abundance of embellishment and an intricate layering of textures and materials.

The McQueen print, bracelet and tassel combination is the brand's classic go-to for Fall. This season, the London icon's trademark motifs were inverted for all seasons, a virgin canvas for their artistic flow of watercolor horizons. In turn, the vision isn't reminiscent but rather inextricable from the label's DNA. Each detail was seen on point; from the subtle rimming of the cape and pants to collars and cuffs. Even McQueen's beloved 'armadillo' shoes made an appearance - nearly impossible to miss with their balletic bungee-strap effect. The designer rendered every detail with just enough uniqueness for it to be memorable, leaving enough room for interpretation to make this collection entirely relevant, right now. In response to criticism of overly provocative fashion shows, McQueen has stated that his show is not about "sexualising" women, but about focusing on the idea of femininity itself. He has highlighted in several interviews his choice to showcase female masturbation in an attempt to break taboos regarding the subject, which he believes is essential for the progression of equality between the sexes.

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