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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Guindy National Park Timings, Live Photos, Entry Fee and Details

This is a map of India that has been put together by Guindy National Park, which is located in Chennai. It consists of the places that have been recommended to us by some locals in Chennai over the years and seems very helpful for travelers to find their way around this bustling city.


When considering places to see outdoors, Guindy National Park probably isn't the first one that comes to mind for most people. But it is one of the best places to visit in Chennai. This is because the park is home to an impressive range of flora and fauna, and it has an extremely well-preserved look that few other parks manage to achieve. It also offers some of the best trekking in Tamil Nadu, thanks to a multitude of different trails.

Guindy National Park Chennai - Timings, History, Entry Fee

Guindy National Park is the perfect spot for nature lovers, and those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Guindy is also a highly protected nature reserve, so you can expect nothing but pristine and beautiful surroundings while wandering through its dense forest.


  • Guindy National Park
  • Earlier known as the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust
  • National park in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • 2.70 km² protected area of Tamil Nadu
  • Address: Rangeguindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600025
  • Visitors: 700,000 (in 2006)
  • Established: 1977
  • Area: 2.706 km²
  • Animals found: Black buck, chital, jackal, pangolin
  • Forest type: Dry evergreen scrub and thorn forests.

After touring stunning architectural sites, visiting the beach and a few local markets, one of my relatives in Chennai mentioned that he would love to visit Guindy National Park. Initially, I was taken aback by his statement as I couldn't recall hearing about this national park before. However, after a few questions from my relatives, we were able to determine that this park was considered one of the most beautiful spots in Chennai.


These are the places not many folks will recommend, but they are actually extremely enjoyable to visit. Guindy National Park and the Palace will not be the best attractions, but they do offer an interesting experience in their own right and one that might at least be worth a visit. The palace is probably the most interesting of them all, but we feel some readers might still find it quite run of the mill.


Guindy National Park is the perfect destination for nature lovers. It's easily accessible by flight from Chennai with ECR airport being the nearest one. The park itself is vast and offers a lot of interesting sites to explore. A visit to this park would be incomplete without visiting the grave of Robert Clive who established it as a place of reflection after his victory over the Nawab of Arcot.


Whether you are just a tourist or travel blogger, you'll need some good places to visit in Chennai. Here we have listed out some of the best places to visit in Chennai for travelers. You must visit Guindy National Park, the Silent Valley National Park, and the spice trading area-Chettinad.


Guindy National Park is a home to two of the most endangered species of tigers in India; a sanctuary for leopards and forest cats; as well as various grassland animals, such as nahouat, jungle cattle, blackbuck, gaura and sambhar. In addition to the big cats, visitors will find a diverse habitat here: a third of the park's area is closed to human use. The park is also home to forest elephants, wild dogs, leaping squirrels, leopards and more.


If you're looking to visit a national park in Chennai, this article should give you some great ideas.



Why Guindy National Park is famous?

It gained statutory recognition as a medium zoo from the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) in 1995. One can see king cobras, pythons, vipers and other reptiles here. About 22 acres of the Guindy National Park has been carved out into a park known as the Children's Park for ex-situ conservation.

Which animal is famous in Guindy National Park?

Black buck, chital, jackal, pangolin and a variety of birds.

In which district is Guindy National Park?

Guindy National Park is a beautiful place, located in the Chennai district of the state of Tamil Nadu. Guindy National Park is the 9th smallest national park in India. Guindy National Park was established in the year of 1976. Total area of the park is 2.82 Km2.

Is Guindy national park or a zoo?

Guindy National Park is a 2.70 km2 (1.04 sq mi) protected area of Tamil Nadu, located in Chennai, India, is the 8th-smallest National Park of India and one of the very few national parks situated inside a city.

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