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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fort Kochi Beach - Ernakulam, Kerala, India with Photos

There's something very natural about the scenes taken at Fort Kochi Beach. For example, the beautifully clear water against the backdrop of the houses and buildings. And the color combo of beach and sky, which is not too bright for our taste (as it may bleed under such strong light). The symmetry in the composition looks so balanced and pleasing. The storyline is neatly wrapped up as well and paints a beautiful picture not just as a place to visit but also a great place to be.

 Fort Kochi Beach - Ernakulam, Kerala, India

If you're planning a trip to Kerala, we definitely recommend making your way to Fort Kochi Beach. Our expectations were completely blown away by this beautiful spot and we believe that you'll be just as impressed with it if you go. As a city that has something for everyone, it's no surprise that the people of Kochi have many places to visit. Thankfully, you can visit each and every one of these destinations in under an hour. While you're here, you might as well explore the historic Fort Kochi, the only fort in Kerala that represents the colonial era.


The high-tech Fort Kochi beach is being touted as the world's first beach that is completely made of recycled steel. The beach, located in Trivandrum, looks pretty amazing while it really is a sight to behold!


  • Fort Kochi Beach
  • beach along the Arabian Sea situated in Fort Kochi
  • Known as Queen of the Arabian Sea

It's important to note that this blog was written by a professional photographer. It's not a tourist guide, but it does present information on one of the most popular beaches in Kochi.

What is the famous beach in Kochi?

 A beautiful and serene beach adjoining the Arabian Sea, Fort Kochi is the most famous beach in Kochi. The colonial-style bungalows, along the shoreline, the remains of Fort Emmanuel, rows of Chinese fishing nets, and the Vasco da Gama Square, make the place more appealing for visitors.


How far is Munnar from Kochi?

131 Kms

How much is a taxi from Cochin to Munnar?

₹5568 onwards

Founded in the year of 1907, Fort Kochi is an old military base that houses various government offices. Built by the Portuguese, the complex once boasted of a mini-museum and several cannons that can be viewed by tourists who pay a nominal fee to certain points on the premises. The layout of the place is like that of a canteen, with each aisle reserved for different departments. There are a number of coffee shops inside, which makes it easy for visitors to enjoy their afternoon ball game or refreshment after hours of touring.


For good reason, it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Visiting Fort Kochi is akin to living in an altogether different world, where Kerala life flows around you like a gentle river. What better way to immerse yourself in Maharashtra culture than by immersing oneself in its vibrant south?


Many of these places are worth a visit if you're in Kochi, and some of them merit a detour if you're visiting from anywhere else. If you're interested in an overnight trip, we recommend that you take a look at Overnight Trips From Mumbai to Kochi in order to get the most out of your visit. Alternatively, you could also check out our list of itineraries to help plan your trip to Kochi.


A nice and calm place to visit though it is filled with tourists.


Delhiites have often raved about upmarket golf courses in the city of Golf Green on the Yamuna Expressway. Mundra Airport also promises that it will be a pleasant getaway from Mumbai with its pristine beaches, offering beachside relaxation and fun-filled recreational activities. Goa has many choices for fans of sports such as diving, wind surfing, bowling and boating. The lap of luxury can be found in Bengaluru at expensive mall and shopping complexes....


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