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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cheapest Days of the Week to Book Flights, Fly International & Travel to Hawaii, Europe

When planning a trip, people ask themselves a lot of questions like: how much is the ticket going to cost? What are the best dates for my trip? When can I get there and when should I be back? Sometimes we only think of looking at the dates. We don't even realize that the days on which we book our flights affect the final price! Let's take a look at the cheapest days of the week to fly in 2017. Not sure what the cheapest day of the week to fly is? You don't want to be paying top dollar for flights but you do want to get the best value overall. I've done some research on this topic and figured out when is the best day of the week to book your flight.

When is the ideal time to buy a flight? Well, that depends on your location. Using this data from CheapAir, I've discovered the cheapest days to fly by city. You'll also learn which day of the week is the cheapest to fly in each city based on millions of searches. There are certain days when you want to go on vacation and certain days you want to get tickets in advance. The later the day, the cheaper the price! But did you know there are certain days that are better to book flights? It's true. And we've done all the research for you.

Cheapest days of the week to fly international to Hawaii & Europe

If you're planning to travel, you'll want to know the cheapest days to book tickets. Finding a cheap flight might be a difficult and time-consuming task. But we've done the hard work for you and found out the optimal dates when to find cheap plane tickets. It all started with a conversation with my buddy, who was complaining about how much he pays for flights. When I asked him how often he flew, he knew that the answer was “more than most” but wasn't really sure why. He did some research and what came back changed everything for him. There's so much about flights that we don't think about or forget about. Flights can get insanely expensive and it's costing you more than you think.

The reason you should know the cheapest days of the week to fly is because no one wants to spend a fortune on flights. Flights can displace a lot of money if you aren't careful with when it is that you purchase them. Have you ever wondered when is the cheapest day of the week to fly? Flying from city to city might be the fastest way to travel but it can also be the most expensive.

We all hate an expensive flight, but what's the cheapest day of the week to fly? There are some days when prices for flights can be low. And other days when prices are just too high. So which day of the week is the cheapest to fly?

Full-service airlines are making it possible to travel anywhere. The best part is you can save money by planning ahead. Our data team has found the best time to book flight tickets for maximum savings. You can book flights within a week of departure for the lowest base airfare. This does not include taxes and surcharges so these airfares are good for flex travelers that are NOT looking for last-minute deals.

Hey there! Lately I've been looking at flight pricing and noticed a trend. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday flights are cheap. What's going on here? I dug into this question to find some answers. Traveling in general can be very expensive, but we all know that travel is necessary. One way to save money on your next trip is by using the cheapest days of the week to fly international or cheapest days of the week to travel. By doing so you will find great deals! Cheap flights aren't always the best deals, especially for those who can't change their plans at a moment's notice. It's much cheaper to book early, but do you need to? The cheapest days of the week to fly international will depend on your destination.

At the end of the day, booking a flight really comes down to knowing when to find the best deals for your preferred dates. Before booking a flight, consider the cheapest days of the week to fly international and see if there are any extras you can add on or opt out of to save extra money. The best days of the week to buy tickets are the Mondays before, and Tuesdays after, the weekend. If they are flying internationally, then Tuesday is usually the best day of travel. But if they live in New York City (JFK), Wednesday may be better than Tuesday.

Planning a trip? You're likely to save some cash on flights if you travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays, as these are the cheapest days of the week to travel. It is a good idea to avoid travelling for business or pleasure during peak times. The cheaper you wish to travel the more flexible your schedule should be. For example, flying on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be the cheapest day of the week to travel between January and May 2016, followed by Thursdays. Flights are significantly more expensive on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays due to travellers popping in for short weekend getaways.

The cheapest days to fly internationally between two US cities can mostly be found on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The next best day to fly would be Sunday, which follows the same trend (at least for the United States) of having a 40% empty seat price on average. Saturdays are almost 30% more expensive than Mondays, on average. The takeaway here is that you should research your flight tickets during the weekdays, such as on a Tuesday or Wednesday in order to save time and money – but only if flying during those times will work for you.

The infographic included gives you the cheapest days to fly from a significant number of destinations. The information is given in black font so the reader will know what to look for. Ultimately, it all comes down to your own personal travel needs—if you can afford to travel on the weekend, that's great! Just be sure to check out deals on the weekdays in case they're cheaper.

Here's a calendar of the cheapest days to fly, based on historical data. Where possible, we've indicated the dates of public holidays that might affect the price. As you can see, airfare prices do fluctuate throughout the week. In addition to timing, it is important to consider flexibility in route and departure times. That way, you can utilize lower priced flights from smaller airports, if available.

Cheapest days of the week to buy flights & travel

Hopefully this helps in your future flight planning endeavors. Thanks to the advice and data given, you are now able to go out there, book a trip, and have a good time. Just don't forget that you need to save up in order to be able to afford those airfare prices. Do you have your winter vacation planned? If so, you might be wondering how to find the best deal on your plane tickets. You might also be wondering what days of the week tend to offer the lowest fares for international travel. Well, wonder no longer, because we have the answers for you today. Keep reading to learn more about finding cheap flights and the cheapest days of the week to fly internationally.

If you're in the market for some bargain international flights, now's the time to book. According to Hopper, August 10 – August 14 and September 7 – September 11 are the cheapest days of the week to fly on international flights. So if you're looking for a last minute getaway, look no further than these two dates. 

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why flying on certain days of the week might be cheaper. But the question remains: which day is the cheapest of all? It depends. If you're flying international, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days to go for. But if you want domestic flights, it's best to head out on a Thursday or Friday. Give it a try and see how you compare. Good luck!

What's the cheapest day to fly international? The answer isn't as simple as you might think. It depends on a few factors, like when you're flying, how far in advance you book your ticket, and how far in advance you get to the airport. With all of these factors considered, it's clear that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are the best days to fly international—but Sundays are the worst. And who knew -- if you're flying from Florida to California or Florida to New York for instance, it'll cost one heck of a lot more than flights from California to New York.

The days of the week that domestic tickets cost less are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The days of the week that international tickets cost less are Sunday and Tuesday. You may also find that the ticket prices for both domestic and international flights on Spirit Airlines are relatively low. The most expensive day to fly internationally is on Sunday, and the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. In addition, there is a trend toward better flight deals near the end of the week and especially over the weekend.

Cheapest days of the week to fly & book tickets


Booking a flight in the middle week of the month is the best option for lower airfare and leaves. In addition to this, booking around Tuesday will be cheaper for tickets. If you are planning your holiday, you should consider these facts as part of it as well. With such evidence, we might assume that you should book your mid-week flight on a Tuesday. On the other hand, there are also reasons why you shouldn’t do so. Getting a flight during the weekend is much more comfortable. Besides, if you want to teach your life partner (or friends) how to book a flight on their own, it’s better to give them the chance to practice on this when the situation is the most realistic: booking a flight on a weekend. Whatever your preference between weekday or weekend travel is, check out our best time to buy flights article for some valuable guidance.

If you are planning a vacation during the week, choose Tuesday as the day to fly. It is our very own research which says that the intercity flights on this particular day are far cheaper. When it comes to the cheapest flight tickets, a Tuesday is always the best cue for travel planner. It is possible that you can spend your desired travel hours on Tuesday. However, it is not anything great compared to the end of the week or beginning of the week as indicated on the charts. If you want to save money, Tuesday could be perfect for you. All in all, Tuesdays are one of the cheapest days to book your upcoming trip.

The trick is to book flight tickets on Tuesday because it’s the cheapest day despite of less environmental pollution. That’s not to say that it’s an unwise choice to book on Tuesdays, but if you can wait a few hours more, then you may get even cheaper flight tickets. Or if your schedule allows, why don’t you look for flights departing on Wednesday? Here are a few tips to help you find cheap flights at the right time: So, you can either go on Wednesdays or Tuesdays and in that case, you may have a cheaper flight ticket. So, it’s worth taking into consideration the day of the flight when booking tickets. And if you have any questions and suggestions regarding booking, please do not hestitate to contact me. The most expensive day of the week to fly home is typically Sunday. So if you're planning your vacation, plan when you go a little later in the week.


Based on the information we gathered through this research, we can safely say that Wednesdays are indeed cheaper than every other day of the week. Whether you're booking a flight or hotel, find out if you can get a significantly cheaper rate if your travel dates fall under this pattern. If the answer is yes, it will be good to switch or adjust your travel accordingly. Overall, because of its centrality, Wednesdays are the best day to get cheap hotel rooms. People tend to plan their travels around other days of the week; therefore, on Wednesday rooms get cheaper. In this case, it's a win-win situation for the traveler: they can save lots of money but still have a pleasant experience by booking a decent room in an average-priced hotel. You should not wait for the next Wednesday to come before booking your vacations. Simply plan your travel itineraries in accordance to days that are usually cheaper and you will surely save a lot of money.

There are numerous travel offers that can fetch you cheaper deals, but this list is specifically for Wednesdays. You may choose to take a family vacation on every Wednesday or fill your weekdays with a combination of business as well as leisure. It's up to you. All we can suggest is that it is always advisable to book your flight tickets in advance. The bottom line is this: if you're looking for a cheap-travel deal, consider flying on Wednesdays. You may come across some hidden gems and save yourself a few bucks on your next vacation. You can routinely save anywhere from 15-30% off of your next AirBnb stay when you book on a Wednesday. Whether you're traveling for personal or work-related reasons, the travel industry knows that there is always a strong demand for accommodations on this particular day of the week. By using AirBnb's "guaranteed best price" offer, travelers can safely assume that their savings will be unparalleled by other booking sites and services. This is a great way to save some extra cash on a future trip.

If you're looking to save a few bucks on your next vacation, then remember to plan for a Wednesday trip. Statistics show that it will most likely cost less than your average trip, and you'll get the same experience out of it, too!

So next time you think of traveling, just remember: it's Wednesdays that are cheap!

Looking to visit San Francisco in 2018? If so, consider traveling during on a Wednesday, as nearly all of the top things to do in San Francisco are cheaper on this day. This means that your trip to San Francisco won't cost you much! If you are looking for a task to do right now, why not just take the day off and enjoy this Wednesday. Friends, it's super cheap flight day!

Who knew that just by adjusting a few key dates, travelers could get great deals on flights and hotels? Those who research ahead of time, that's who. Make these small changes to your itinerary, and you might be right there with them.

One of the best things about traveling is the fact that the world is at your fingertips, and you can venture out to places you've always wanted to see but couldn't due to time or money. However, there are also those travelers who stick to a rigid itinerary and a strict budget. If you're one of these people, stay tuned for more info about specific destinations. In the meantime, happy savings!


Our friends at Travel + Leisure just put together a nifty little article featuring the cheapest days of the week to fly, based on their findings. It's always been easy enough to find cheap one-way tickets, but now you can know exactly when to book your return ticket so you can save even more money. As mentioned, there are three main types of travelers: those who like to live cheap through traveling alone, those who travel cheaply with friends for the good times, and those who plan on going abroad with the goal of finding their second half. Let us know in the comment section which group represent you, and if you have any other ways in which you save money flying across the world!

When you're traveling on a budget and want to save put more money in your pocket, searching for the cheapest days of the week to fly is a crucial step. Here are the best days of the week to get the cheapest flights, depending on where you're traveling from. We analyzed all of the months in a year and the days of the week in those months. From that, we worked out which is the cheapest day of the week to fly, every month. As you can see, flying on Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to fly. In fact, we can save an average of $148 dollars per roundtrip ticket flying on Tuesdays.

The cheapest day of the week to fly really depends on where you're going. And it also depends on a host of other factors, such as your destination, time of the year, and days of the week that fall in between—all of those can have an impact on the airfare prices you see. But if you know when these cheaper days typically tend to fall, you can keep them in mind when booking your flights. There you have it. Each day of the week offers different deals on flights, so your best option is to book ahead and do a little research. If you are looking for cheap tickets, consider flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday; if you don't care about price or are flexible with dates, then plan to fly on a Saturday or Sunday.

In general, it's a good idea to search for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Although airfares are higher than what you can get on a weekend day, there are other factors to consider, such as fewer people traveling at that time. It'll all depend on your travel preferences when deciding which of the two days will best suit your trip. In some cases, the Tuesday after a long holiday weekend may be the cheapest day to fly; this is especially the case if the holiday falls towards the end of the week.

These days are generally going to save you the most money. Now, it's not always possible to plan for this depending on your traveling needs, holiday plans or social events. The best way to handle this is to just keep track of when fares rise and lower themselves out of nowhere. However, if you are flexible with your plans, you can take advantage of some good travel moments with cheap fares flying by faster than you can say "wait a minute."

The highest day to fly is tomorrow. You can still get out there and have a great time, on a budget! If you're having trouble pinning down the best day to travel, don't worry! We've done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is read this article, and we'll show you which days are most likely to get you the cheapest flight.

In the end, the best strategy to score a great deal on airfare will vary depending on the time of year, your personal preferences and priorities, your frequent flier program membership status, and your level of planning ahead. Hopefully we've given you some tools to choose from and created some good guidelines for determining which method will work best for you.

One more thing for you to keep in mind: the prices listed here are for the U.S. and Canada only (with data from January 2022. If you're shopping for flights out of the country, be sure to check similar sites for each specific country—prices can vary from site to site.

We identified the cheapest days to fly for each month for 60 international destinations. As you can see, there's a pretty good spread of days to fly, with US destinations clocking in at an average of $442.65 per ticket versus $284.59 for international flights (all fares are for weekdays only and have been rounded to the nearest dollar).

The plus side to traveling on Thursdays is that you're likely to find more cheap flights. The downside is that you'll have to contend with a greater number of your fellow travelers. And if you miss out on the cheaper flights and are flexible with your travel dates, then Friday and Sunday may be better options for you (when flights tend to cost more). Tourist season can be deadlier than any crazy dictator or terrorist. To avoid the crowds and save a buck, consider taking a trip outside of these periods.

We hope this article was useful to you. If you haven't been able to find the information you needed, please let us know in the comments below and we will try to help. Please also share this post with other travelers who are looking for accurate information on planning a trip!

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