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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Mexican Beauty Iracema Domínguez Rules Over Hearts of Her Fans

Iracema Domínguez is a fashion illustrator from Brazil, who studied art and advertising. She is currently creating artwork for fashion brands, magazines and advertising campaigns. Her inspiration is drawn from the different colors of everyday life. She loves to paint all types of clothes in colors which she finds interesting and diverse. When she paints, she does not plan anything or use any kind of sketch. She believes that the paint has its own destiny, and when it meets with the paper, it should create its own design and no one else's.


Iracema Domínguez Biography, Birthday and Instagram Career

Iracema Domínguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1990. She moved to Maryland, US when she was 4 years old. Currently She live in Carrollton, Texas with her husband Chaz and daughter Alexa. She is a stay at home mom and focus on blogging, listing houses and teaching yoga. She has 11k followers on Instagram.


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