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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Hottest Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Names and Salary

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders is the professional cheer leading squad of the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League. It is very popular for beautiful ladies and girls in the group with over 104k followers on just Instagram @dolphinscheer and over 230546 likes on Facebook. The cheerleader group was formed in 1978 as Dolphins Starbrites and today it has 36 members. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are seen giving mind blowing dance performances at  Hard Rock Stadium which the home stadium of the Miami Dolphins.

It also releases an annual swimsuit calendar every year featuring hot girls from its hottest MDC cheerleader squad.  Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are coached by Natalie Chernow (@itsnattyice) who is the reason behind its unforgettable performances and popularity.

Hottest Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Names

  • Molly Sheahan @mdc_molly
  • Nylaa @kingnylaa
  • Shayla @shaylad3
  • Johanna Torres @johannaltorres
  • Em Ehrl @em_ehrl
  • Samantha Mellinger @melzayy
  • Jozie Schroder @jozieschroder
  • Dayna @daynachae
  • Emily McManus @emilymcmanuss
  • Dre Dilo @dredilo
  • Kayla Makenzii @kaylamakenzii
  • Jared Dearmas @jareddearmas
  • Veronica Sabrina @verosabrina
  • Kristen @kpindacut

  • Brianne Herndon @iambrianneherndon [Former MDC]
  • Ariann Spitalny Denison @arianndenison [Former MDC]
  • Ashley @ash_willll [Former MDC]
  • Elena Krischunas @elenakrischunas [Former MDC]
  • Jennifer Chang @byjenniferchang [Former MDC]

  • Nadia Turner, (1996)
  • Suzy Tavarez, (1998–2000)
  • Shannon Ford, (2001)
  • Hennely Jimenez (2003–2004)
  • Bibiana Julian, (2006–2009)
  • Brenda Lowe, (2004–2005)
  • Jaime Faith Edmondson, (2004–2009)
  • Ashley White, (2007–2008)
  • Pamela Silva Conde
  • LauRen Merola
  • Fabiola Romero
  • Lilly Robbins
  • Cara Rosenthal
  • Jeanette Dousdebes
  • Brittany Freeman
  • Mireya Mayor
  • Natalie Vickers

So now you know the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders names and Instagram profiles. Let's now talk about the requirements to become a MDC and salary which is drawn by the MDC members. 

What are Miami Dolphins Cheerleader requirements?

  • The candidate must be 18 years old
  • The candidate must be a High School Graduate
  • They must be able to attend all cheerleader rehearsals for the entire season.
  • If selected, They must live in or relocate to South Florida and have means of transportation.

    What are Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Salary?

    As per media reports; Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Salary has two components which is hourly performance fee and a match fee. They are paid $15 – $20 for an hour performance and a $500 as extra per match fee.

    Image Source: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (@dolphinscheer) • Instagram photos and videos

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