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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Gooseberry Intimates Models Names - Swim Wear, Lingerie Photoshoot

French Lingerie and Swimwear Label Gooseberry Intimates is reigning the social media war with its hottest influencers & models. With the massive campaigns online; it has ammased a fan following of @gooseberry.seaside 299k followers till date. It features Swedish, Brazilian, British and European Intimates Models in beach side photoshoots and video shoots. They wear latest swim collection by Gooseberry Intimates and show off their beauty on camera.

Apart from Instagram, It has 8.77k subscribers on Youtube Channel where it comes up with its latest swim collection videos featuring Gooseberry Intimates Models which include the names of top social influencers and fashion models namely Brit Manuela, Cindy Mello, Sierra Skype and other. Top Hollywood Celebs such as Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner have expressed their love for Gooseberry Intimates often to media which makes it one of the celeb loved brands.

Gooseberry Intimates Models - Instagram, Followers List

  • Amanda Corvenius @corveni 15.6k followers
  • Alice Thurley @alicethurley 18.4k followers
  • Anna Emilie @annarevald 3227 followers
  • Amalie Bianca @amaliestar 313k followers
  • Aisha Katherina @aishakatherina 62.1k followers
  • Bianca Laroccaa @biancalaroccaa 17.9k followers
  • Brit Manuela @britmanuela 1.5 million followers
  • Carina Lee @_carinalee 3,959 followers
  • Cindy Mello @cindymello 1.2 million followers
  • Camila Meza @_camilameza 4815 followers
  • Claudia Clark @claudiaaclark 1,727 followers
  • Dani Cowan @dani.cowan 9048 followers
  • Emma Gerstner @emegerst 11k followers
  • Ebony Brown @ebony.brown_ 8797 followers
  • Gracie Masellis @graciemasellis 11.7k followers
  • Hayley Jackson @hayleyjacksonn 22.5k followers
  • Isabella Loren @isabellalorenn_ 7,290 followers
  • Klara Linnea Hellqvist @klarahellqvist 102k followers
  • Loren Recchi @lorenrecchi 48.1k followers
  • Lente Isabella @lentehugen 14.3k followers
  • Lily @ldufffff 870 followers
  • Meryl Denis @meryldenis 177k followers
  • María Isabel @mariisabeeel_ 449 followers
  • Madeleine Andren @madeleineandren 77.3k followers
  • Olivia Blais @liv_blais 72.6k followers
  • Remy Tidy @remy.tidy 158k followers
  • Sierra Skye @sierraaaskyee 4.1 million followers
  • Tara Bakalian @tarabakalian 46.3k followers
  • Zoe Metthez @zoemetthez 10.8k followers

        These were the Gooseberry Intimates Models Names who appear in fashion shows, beach fashion photo shoots and video shoots of the french label. It was founded in 2011 in Bali, Indonesia to deliver handmade, delicate swimwear and lingerie for women and has become one of the best choices for bikini and swimwear lovers worldwide.

        Leave your comments for Gooseberry Intimates Swim Wear Model and let us know your love for the brand. Let's see some of the best Gooseberry Intimates Swim Models Instagram Images and Videos.

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