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Friday, July 2, 2021

List of Luli Fama Models Names - Swimwear Fashion Show Model

 Acclaimed as a global women's luxury swim and resort wear brand, Luli Fama is famous in USA for its glamorous fashion shows and eye grabbing models. With top names from modeling industry like Stephanie, Kari Riley, Ashley Hass working with the brand, it has managed to create its indispensable social buzz. It has a huge fan base of over 344k followers on Instagram @lulifamaswimwear where it shares pictures of Luli Fama Models from Fashion Shows and Photo Shoots. These models are named as Luli Babes by the brand.

Started in 2003 at Cuba, Luli Fama Swimwear is based in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Luli with her brother in law Augusto Hanimian who serves as current CEO. It employees over 50 employees and rakes an annual turnover of over $10 Million annually as per recent filings.

Luli Fama Models Names List - Instagram, Followers

  • Kelsi Kuhn(@kelsikuhn) 5484 Followers (New York, United States)
  • Ivany Guzman (@ivanyguzmanh) 3279 Followers (Venezuela, South America)
  • Bodine Koehler Peña (@bodine_koehler) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Stephanie (@stephaniempeterson) 341k Followers (Elyria, Ohio, USA)
  • Natalie Roser (@natalie_roser) 1.4m Followers (Newcastle, Australia)
  • Sofia Jamora (@sofiajamora) 2.8m Followers (Calabasas, California)
  • Georgia Mae Gibbs (@georgiagibbs_) 717k Followers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kari Riley (@karicassandra) 395k Followers (California, USA)
  • Alexandra Morris (@alexandramo__) 25.3k Followers (New York City, USA)
  • Priscilla Ricart (@priricart) 598k Followers (Miami, Florida, USA)
  • Carolina V. Marie (@carolinavmarie) 199k Followers (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Anna Avila (@annavi__) 1006 Followers (Brazil, South America)
  • Bree Kleintop (@breekleintop) 550k Followers (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
  • Zandria Theis (@itszandriatheis) 26.8k Followers (California, United States)
  • Ashley Haas (@ashleyhaas) 254k Followers (New Jersey, United States)
  • Emily Hutchison (@emm_hutchh) 1598 Followers (Miami, Florida, USA)
  • Courtney O'Connor (@courtneyoconnor) 56.7k Followers (Kingston, Jamaica)
  • Yarelis Oliveras (@yarelisdenise) 33.3k Followers (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)
  • Caley-Rae Pavillard (@heycayrae) 72.9k Followers (Castle Pines, Colorado)
  • Valentina Ferrer (@valentinaferrer) 741k Followers (Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Chelcie May (@chelciemay) 167k Followers (London, Canada)
  • Zandria Theis (@itszandriatheis) 26.8k Followers (California, United States)
  • Shannon De Lima (@shadelima) 2.4m Followers (Venezuela)
  • Isabella Martini (@bellamartinii) 27.5k Followers (Brazil, South America)
  • Ariadna Gutierrez (@gutierrezary) 3.4m Followers (Sincelejo, Colombia)
  • Jasmyn Wilkins (@jasmynwilkins) 34.9k Followers (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
  • Sandra Kubicka (@sandrakubicka) 600k Followers (Łódź, Poland)
  • Malin Svensson (@malsvensson) 25.6k Followers (California, United States)

Image Source: Instagram LULI FAMA OFFICIAL (@lulifamaswimwear)

Hope you loved to read about the Luli Fama Models Names who are often part of the photo shoots and branding events of the luxury swimwear brand. It is gaining more fan base and reaching new horizons of popularity with the models. It introduces eclectic mix of color palettes and textures in its swimwear designs which give it an unique look for any beach.

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