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Monday, July 12, 2021

Kohl's Bra Commercial Models Names List, Instagram and Followers

With over 1.5 Million Followers on Instagram @kohls; It has become one of the top fashion brands in America. With an exclusive collection of dresses, swimwear and bra; it has an indispensable place in the department store retail chain and companies list. It was founded by Maxwell Kohl in 1962; after which it has grown to a group of over 1000 departmental stores.

Let us read the list of Kohl's models names who have appeared in the Fashion Shows and Commercial Shoots by the brand. These also include kohl's bra commercial models names and male model names of the top influencers, actresses and public figures in USA.

Kohl's Bra Commercial Models Names, Instagram, Followers

  • Carolina Prates (@carolinapratess) 9958 Followers 
  • Jayne Moore (@jem48) 12.1k Followers 
  • Meredith Hennessy (@meredithhennessy) 27.4k Followers
  • Rachel Hilbert (@rachelhilbert) 758k Followers
  • Saule Silinyte (@saule916) 3659 Followers
  • Alex Martin (@alexmartin_26) 194k Followers
  • Ariel Corral (@mrscorral26) 342 Followers
  • Cerelina Proesl (@cerelinanyc) 10.6k Followers
  • Chrissy Powell (@chrissypowell) 1910 Followers
  • Lynden Orr (@lyndenfruit) 18k Followers
  • Nina Marie Daniele (@ninamariedaniele) 959k Followers
  • Monica Ollander (@monicaollander) 84.3k Followers
  • Tereza Kacerova (@terezakacerova) 13.6k Followers
  • Ashley Louise Perich (@ashlouisep) 9186 Followers
  • Katie Zeller (@zatiekeller) 1456 Followers
  • Catherine Hudson (@_catherinehudson) 10.4k Followers
  • Virginia Gardner (@ginnygardner) 225k Followers
  • Adriane Boff (@adriboff) 4435 Followers
  • Mike Ennis (@mikeennis) 1154 Followers
  • Hayley Nicole Wheeler (@hayleynwheeler) 100k Followers
  • Jessica Spangler (@keywestresin) 496 followers
  • Sandra Kubicka (@sandrakubicka) 600k Followers
  • Whitney Tock (@whitneytock) 1,983 followers
  • Natalie Belmont (@natalie.belmont) 136k Followers
  • Daniela Lopez Osorio (@danielalopezosorio) 384k Followers

Kohl's Male Models Names

  • Jhanelle Castillo (@jhanellecastillo) 37.3k Followers [Male Model]
  • Braeden Wright (@braedenwright) 18k Followers [Male Model]

Image Source: Instagram Kohl's (@kohls)

With  an employee strength of over 100000, Kohl's Store has earned a revenue of US$ 163 million in 2020. It operated over 1158 stores operating in every U.S. state except Hawaii. Hope you loved to read about Kohl's Models Names.

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