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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Boohoo Models Names - Male/ Female Instagram Model Height

UK clothing retailer Boohoo is one of the largest in Country with range of mens and womens clothing with thousands of style. Its Instagram handle @boohoo has over 8.1 Million followers where it features Boohoo Models in latest fashion clothing designs. They flaunt their curves in front of the camera for the glamour photo shoot. They are seen in various fashion shows and commercial ads which go viral among audience for the hotness it endures.

Lets know the Boohoo Models Names who have been part of brands and have been featured in all the glamorous Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. These Boohoo Models include famous Supermodels, Tiktok Stars, Instagram Influencers and Fashion Models. Read below article.

Boohoo Models Names  - Male/ Female Instagram, Height

  • Mariana Nunes II @maanuness 77.3k Followers (Height: 5' 7")
  • Juliana Custodio @julianacustodiooo 370k Followers (Height: 5' 9'')
  • Alli Martinez @allimartinez 452k Followers (Height:  5' 6")
  • Steph Taylor 26.7k Followers (Height: 5' 9'')
  • Mel @mel.dlgn 15.5k followers (Height: 5' 7")
  • Meghan Kylie @megkylie 853k Followers ((Height: 5' 7")
  • Bethan Sowerby @bethansowerbyy 141k Followers (Height: 5' 9'')
  • Kaylin Baer @kaylinbaer 103.2k Followers (Height: 5' 7")
  • Candice Blackburn @candiceblackburn_ 92.9k Followers (Height: 5' 11")
  • Amelia Grey @ameliagray 959k Followers (Height: 5' 9")
  • Coco @ccokez 72k Followers (Height: 5' 8")
  • Alexandra @alexandra_nx 393k Followers (Height: 5' 4")
  • Lexi Wood @lexiwood 1.1m Followers (Height: 5' 6")
  • Jnel @jnelv 154k Followers (Height: 5' 5")
  • Isabelle Clarke @isabelle.clarke 626k Followers (Height: 5' 8")
  • Ashley Kehoe @ashleykehoe09 116k Followers (Height: 5' 6") 
  • Cindy Prado @cindyprado 2.4 Million Followers (Height: 5' 7")
  • Catrine Clarke @catrineclarke 12.2k Followers (Height: 5' 7")
  • Astrid @toodahloo 21.3k Followers (Height: 5' 4")
  • Roman @romaneinnc 435k Followers (Height" 5' 7")
  • Aimee Rose @aimazin 88.1k Followers (Height" 5' 7")
  • Pilar Cruz @pilarcrz 26.3k Followers (Height: 5' 8")
  • Rachel Alice @missrachelalice 522k Followers (Height: 5' 6")
  • Ellie Beatrice Joslin (@missjoslin) 557k Followers ((Height: 5' 6")
  • Anita Nade @anita.nade 911 Followers (Height: 5' 4")

Founded in 2006, Boohoo Fashion Retail UK is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom and has reported a annual revenue over £856.9 Million recently. It was founded by Mahmud Kamani, Carol Kane and is headed by CEO John Lyttle since Mar 15, 2019. It houses a range of over 36,000 products which include Plus Size Clothes, Male and Female Dresses.

Image Source: Instagram @boohoo Boohoo Fashion

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