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Thursday, September 23, 2021

List of Plumeria Swimwear Models Names, Instagram Followers, Country

Founded in 2013 in Québec, Canada; Plumeria Swimwear has become one of the leading brands in lingerie and designer swimwear industry across USA, Canada with worldwide distribution. It's founder Gabrielle Cimon derived the name from her favorite tropical flower from Costa Rica. In its 8 year journey; Plumeria Swimwear has been on top of swimwear brands in USA, Canada. Every year Plumeria Swimwear Models are featured in New York/Miami Swimwear Fashion Week and showcase the latest designs to the audience.

Plumeria Swimwear has been on Instagram since 2013 and today its popularity has grown to over 419k followers @plumeriaswimwear It claims that its swimwears are made of Italian eco friendly fabric which makes Plumeria Swimwear Models look attractive. It launched latest women's swimwear line, showcasing chic and sexy designs in all Fashion Weeks. Let's Know Plumeria Swimwear Models Names who are seen in all Swimwear Fashion Week flaunting their irresistible curves and gorgeous body.

Plumeria Swimwear Models Names
Image Source: Instagram Plumeria Swimwear Official (@plumeriaswimwear)

Plumeria Swimwear Models Names, Instagram, Followers, Country

  • Taylor Jade @_taylorjade 144k followers (Hawaii, United States)
  • Tati Ana Panakal @tatianapanakal 70k followers (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Karla Laureen @karlalaureen 7k followers (New York, USA)
  • Ellen Hellkvist @ellenhellkvist 23k Followers (Dubai, UAE)
  • Julia Taylor @juliataylorfit 363k Followers (Florida, USA)
  • Emmaa @emmaa_char 136k Followers (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Savannah DeLane Morris @savannahdelane 474k Followers (Atlanta, USA)
  • Tanusha @tanushaaaa 51k Followers (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Sneja @snejanajens 1.1 Million Followers (Maldives)
  • Cindy Prado @cindyprado 2.2 Million Followers (Miami, Florida)
  • Zara Hedges @zarahedges 280k Follwers (Australia)
  • Alexa Collins @alexacollins 1.5 Million Followers (Florida, USA)
  • Katelyn Lordahl @ktlordahl 312k Followers (USA)
  • Sarah Godfrey @sarah_godfrey_ 134k Followers (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Nicole Borda @nicoleborda 2.6 Million Followers (Bogota, Colombia)

Plumeria Swimwear is based in Los Angeles California, USA with over 30 employees and a recorded annual revenue of over $5 Million.

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