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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Doll Swimwear/ Bikini Model Names, Instagram, Followers, Country

One of top swimwear brand worldwide Doll Swimwear has made its name in top spot. With a wide collection of beach & vacation swim wears, it is favorite of USA female customers. It shows its candy collection every year at the popular Miami fashion Show with its Doll Swimwear Models who show off their eye grabbing bikini pieces at the ramp walks.

Let's Know the Doll Swimwear Model Names who are consistent at Doll Swimwear Fashion Shows and Brand Photoshoots. These Models are frequently seen on beaches and exotic locations where they pose in Swimwear and Bikini by Doll. It has over 180k followers on @dollswimwear .

Doll Swimwear Model Names, Instagram, Followers and Country

  • Jami-lee Boyle @jamileeboylee 121k followers (New South Wales, Australia)
  • Belle Lucia @belle_lucia 1.3 million followers (Sydney, Australia)
  • Steph Rayner @stephjrayner 623k followers (Sydney, Australia)
  • Arianny Celeste @ariannyceleste 3.3 million followers (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Sofia Jamora @sofiajamora 2.8 million followers (Calabasas, California, USA)
  • Dee Alvarez (Australia)
  • Sarah Stage @sarahstage 2.1 million followers (Burbank, California)
  • Natalie Boras @natamals 152k followers (Newport, California, USA)

Image Source: Instagram DOLL Swimwear | Bikini | USA (@dollswimwear)

Based in California, USA; Doll Swimwear has over 10 employees and has reported an annual revenue of over $1 million recently. Official website of Doll Swimwear has over 40,000 visitors per month. Hope you loved the article on Doll Swimwear Model Names and their Instagram Profile, Followers and Country.

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