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Friday, March 12, 2021

Oh Polly Models List - All Neena Swim Wear Models Names

With over 3.8 million followers on Instagram @ohpolly has made a considerable fan following among fashion lover across the globe. This is more due to the large number of Female Instagram Influencers who promote mini, midi and maxi lengths women dresses by Oh Polly Fashion Wear. This UK-based women's fashion brand ranks in top 10 clothing sites and is well known among internet users and fashion lovers.


Here is a list of Oh Polly Models and Swimwear Celebrities who are often seen promoting their brand and signature clothes online.


Neena Swim/ Oh Polly Model Name List  


  • Cassandre Davis @casidavis 1.3m followers (United Kingdom)
  • Meg Kylie @megkylie 856k followers (Australia)
  • Alexis King @_ilikelexx 25.5k followers (Texas)
  • Madalena Ramos @mmadalena.ramos 233k followers (Philippines)
  • Olivia Blais @liv_blais 73k Followers (Canada)
  • Tarsha Olarte @tarsha.whitmore 891k followers (Australia)
  • Nellie Lawson @nelliieee 699 Followers (Columbia)
  • Rachel ward @rachelward_e 630k followers (United Kingdom)
  • LexusBell @lexusbell_ 3.8k followers (Miami, USA)
  • Sierra Skye @sierraaaskyee 4.1m Followers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Taja Pickett @tajapickett 3498 Followers (USA)
  • Stacii @stacilyon_ 31.7k followers (Miami, USA)
  • Kellie Stewart @kelliemstewart 211k followers (Texas, USA)
  • Khrystyana Kazakova @khrystyana 446 Followers (Siberian Federal District, Russia)
  • Krystal Orozco @krystalorozco 5552 Followers (Miami, Florida)
  • Brandy Gordon @brandygontherocks 477k Followers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Priscilla Ricart @priricart 638k Followers (Brazil)
  • Dominique Asgeirsdottir @domiwaffles 708k followers (United Kingdom, USA)
  • Francesca Allen @francesca_allen 507k followers (United Kingdom)
  • Jessica Goicoechea @goicoechea 1.4m followers (Madrid, Spain)
  • Molly Mae @mollymaehague 5.2m followers (Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Luciek @yourlu 161k followers (Brno, Czech Republic)
  • Katya Zubritskaya @katyazubrik 484k followers (Moscow, Russia)
  • Doina Barbaneagra @itsdoina 1m followers (Austria, Vienna)
  • Brit Manuela @britmanuela 1.3m followers (Malibu, California)

Image Source: Instagram Rachel ward (@rachelward_e)


With top influencers on their list, Oh Polly has managed to grow its influence among the youngsters and ladies love to wear hot dresses by the brand. Recently; Oh Polly has launched Neena Swim which is its new swimwear line. It was presented at the Miami Swim Week in Paraiso Tent in Miami on July 9, 2021 with the top fashion models like Priscilla Ricart, Sierra Skye and Kelly Stewart walking the 80-foot fashion show runway. The latest Oceania collection displayed by Neena Swim Models has daring cuts, neutral hues, elevated bottoms, and revealing halter tops.

Oh Polly Swimweaar has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram and 70% of management positions are held by women with its offices spanning from Glasgow, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Dhaka, and Guangzhou.

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