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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Shweta and Ekta are Hot Sisters with Massive Instagram Following

Hot and Beautiful sisters Shweta Rai and Ekta have been featured on a photoshoot modelling session. Check out both sisters in a hot avatar. Shweta Rai is pursuing MBA from IIM Calcutta 2020 and has worked in Coal India in her past. She calls herself as Sportsperson. She has over 23k followers on @shwetaraihere. Her sister Ekta is a Law Student and Influencer on Instagram @ektabaddie where she has over 350k folowers.


In this brand photoshoot modelling; Both were promoting lens glasses by Solotica Hidrocor. Shweta Rai has eye lens by Solotica Hidrocor Amber and Ekta has glass lens by Solotica Hidrocor Safira. The pictures have been taken by the popualr fashion photographer Harsh Yadav and the styling of the models has been done by Lokesh Rajput. 


The location which was selected for photoshoot was Freedom Roost Bar which is Asia’s First Bar at Harley Davidson and is a sister concern of Sandoz Restaurants Pvt Ltd.


In this viral picture; Shweta Rai has worn a blue bikini dress and Ekta  is pairing with her in a hot purple party wear dress. Both beauties are revealing their hot and attractive instincts over the camera.

Image Source: Instagram @ektabaddie

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