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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

List of Bang Energy Drink Models, Names, Salary

Bang Energy Drinks is an American Energy Drink Brand by Vital Pharmaceuticals. The company is based in Florida, USA. It has tagline "Fuel Your Destiny!" which is popular among youngsters and fitness enthusiasts. Bang Energy Drinks are low sugar carbonated energy drink which is a high quality nutritional supplements as specified by the research.


Bank Energy Drinks is always viral on Internet for its paid social media partnerships with well known Internet Celebrities and Influencers whom they call Bang Influencer. Some top models and celebrities are also put in Elite Bang Energy Drink Model Category.


Image Source: Instagram Anna Katharina (@akatharinav)

Here is the complete list of Bang Energy Drink Models Names with their Estimated Salary

  • Sofia Bevarly (Instagram @sofia_bevarly - 1.4 Million Followers)
  • Helga Lovekaty (Instagram @helga_model - 4 Million Followers) 
  • Nicky Gile (Instagram @nickygile - 1.7 Million Followers)
  • Gabriella Abutbol (Instagram @gabriella.ellyse - 1.8 Million Followers)
  • Erika Gray (Instagram @misserikagray - 2.2 Million Followers) 
  • Olya Abramovich (Instagram @oabramovich - 1.8 Million Followers)
  • Lydia Farley (Instagram @lydia.d.farley - 830k Followers)
  • Jade Grobler (Instagram @jadegrobler - 1 Million Followers)
  • Anllela Sagra (Instagram @anllela_sagra - 12.2 Million Followers)
  • Raee Symphony Aka Raee (Instagram @raee.symphony - 2,038 Followers)
  • Stephanie Marie (Instagram @stephaniefitmarie - 1.8 Million Followers)
  • Yaslen Clemente (Instagram @yaslenxoxo - 2.4 Million Followers)
  • Bru Luccas (Instagram @bruluccas - 3.6 Million Followers)
  • Laurence Bédard (Instagram @lolobe4 - 2.8 Million Followers)
  • Anna Katharina (Instagram @akatharinav - 1.3 Million Followers)
  • Tara Frost (Instagram @tara.frost - 700k Followers)
  • Kinsey Wolanski (Instagram @kinsey - 3.7m Followers)

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