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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

European Model Isabela Fernandez Share a Work Out Video in Hot Pants

Image Source: Instagram Isabela Fernandez (@belafernandez)


European Instagram Celebrity Isabella Fernandez has shared a video of her work out at Gym wearing Alphalete Fitness Wear. She is a Brazil born fitness model who has been raised up in UK. Now she is one of the top British American Celebrity with over 1 Million Followers on Instagram. She regularly shares her pictures and videos in mesmerizing bikinis, shapewear, fitness wear which is perfectly a fit on her perfectly toned body.


Isabela admits that her fitness, figure is result of a rigorous gym workout where she works on her body muscles to keep it in shape. She has amazing bust, waist and hips which look attractive in any attire she wears.


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While sharing video; She also shared the list of exercises and workouts that she performed. These are listed below.

  • Deadlift with just bar 2x15 (warm up)
  • Deadlift with lower weight 1x12 (warm up)
  • Sumo deadlifts 3x12
  • DB stiff leg deadlifts 3x12
  • Hip Thrusts 4x12
  • DB squats 3x12
  • Cable Pull-throughs 3x15


All these workouts are focused on burning her extra muscles and keep the weight whereever necessary. The video has amassed over 52,000 likes and 1 Million views. Her amazing views from head to toe are making her look a beautiful master piece.

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