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Sunday, November 13, 2022

How to hire an SEO Agency For your Website or Business?

 Nowadays brands that receive online traffic on their website, account to almost 51% only by organic search. This is not just a fact, but a golden opportunity. And businesses are capitalizing on this opportunity by partnering with an SEO agency to fire up their brand presence online. Search engine visibility is extremely important to your business today to channelize & increase quality traffic, brand awareness subsequently leading to higher sales and profit. 

But with the advent of the internet marketing revolution, where various digital companies are promising so much, how can organisations ensure that they select the right SEO company or SEO consultant?

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The first and foremost thing to ask is for their current and past clients and previous work samples. Do not get carried away by Search rankings. Instead, analyse their performance based on organic traffic broken down by landing page. If the agency tries to sell you rankings it’s a tell-tale sign that they are not genuine. 


SEO plan and strategy: 

Always go for an SEO company that readily discusses it’s methods and practices. Will they provide an overview of their SEO implementations? What are the strategies they’ve laid out to ensure better ranking for your brand pages and online content? 

Is the SEO consultant (whom you’re in touch with) ready to execute all of  the following?
An initial technical review of your website to weed out the stoppage factors like broken links, error pages, that are causing lower ranking on SERPs.

  • On-Page optimization, which is also known as the process that makes a website search engine friendly.
  • Develop webpage titles, headings and HTML tags to improve websites URL and internal linking.



Be wary of unrealistic goals and promises assured by the SEO or digital marketing company. “Improving your ranking” and “Building your brand in search” are some bad answers during conversations. One thing that we all need to understand is that boosting organic traffic is a long-term project. Online traffic does not reach great heights in one day. Even the most perfect SEO strategies fail because this is something which is not even human-curated. It is built on a ruthless algorithm which is dynamic and brings out only relevant results.



It is essential that they follow guidelines for SEO content as devised by Google Webmasters. This means spam content, tricky SEO inclusions and vague hidden texts are prohibited. If these rules are not being followed it is highly likely that our website may get blacklisted or banned altogether.



Plan and clearly cite your budget before going ahead with SEO implementation. If you want long-term purposes to be fulfilled then a retainer project works best for you. Here you hire an SEO consultant or SEO writer who works for a particular no.of hours for a specific pay grade. A flat fee is for minor SEO content creation which involves.



Make sure that the SEO agency regularly tracks the improvement on your website traffic and search rankings via Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. The number of backlinks, type of keywords, which traces user traffic back to your website should also be taken in to consideration. Improvement metrics should be regualrly shared once in every 2 or 3 months.


If you have found out the right SEO agency that possesses all the above qualities, you’re in a win-win situation! The SEO personnel will make sure that your brand presence project is a huge success online.

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