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Friday, August 28, 2020

American Model Britty Ana - Know About her Hot and Glamorous Career

Have you seen Brittney Ana in hot and glamorous avatar on TV, Internet Videos or Instagram? You must have as she is a viral American Supermodel who is often seen making appearance in Fashion Shows, Internet Videos and Instagram Photos and Videos. With over 500k followers on Instagram @britty.ana ; Brittney Ana has made her name in Modelling and Fashion Industry in just few years of her career.  She is a popular lifestyle and fitness model on Internet with thousands of viral photos.


Let's know some quick facts about Brittney Ana Life, Career and Relationships.


Brittney Ana Wiki, Bio, Birth, Career and Relationship

Brittney Ana is born in 1991 and raised up in Orange County, CA in USA. She claims to be half Mexican and half Caucasian be genetics. She completed her education in California Senior Secondary School and graduation from California State University. She was keen in modelling and fashion industry from her teenage. She started her modelling career with fashion photography and soon she became a popular face for Fashion Shows and Red Carpet Events in USA.


The Britty Ana Real Name is Brittney Slovak which is not know mostly in her professional life. She appeared on red carpet at the 4th annual Babes in Toyland 'Support our Troops' in 2019. Brittney is a social celebrity with huge number of viral  Fashion Shows, Internet Videos and Instagram Photos on her timeline.


Britty Ana has appeared in numerous Fashion Shows for FTV, Miami Fashion Week and more representing various Bikini and Swimwear Brands from Global Presence.

Britty Ana (Britney Slovak) Age, Height, Weight, Figure Measurements

  • Date Of Birth: 1991
  • Age: 29 Years
  • Birth Place: Orange County, California, USA
  • Ethnicity: Mexican- Caucasian
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: 54 Kgs
  • Bust: 36"
  • Waist: 25"
  • Hips: 37"
  • Figure Measurements: 34"-24"-36"
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Blonde


Britty Ana (Britney Slovak) has an estimated net worth of $1million.


Britty Ana is famous for her hot and sensational Fitness and Lifestyle Modelling and photo shoots in revealing Bikinis and swimwear. She is a eminent fitness enthusiast and her keen fitness goals have endowed her with perfect figure and body which is a gem for bikinis and swim wears.

As per media reports, Brittney Anna is single and not in any serious relationship.

On on December 4, 2019; Brittney Ana was seen on the red carpet event at the 12th Annual "Babes in Toyland: Christmas Toy Drive" charity event which is held at the Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California USA. Watch Her Interview from That Event.



Have a look at some of Brittney Ana Viral Instagram Pics from her Instagram Profile and Photoshoots. Here is the first pic in which she has posed in a cream colour skirts in the hazy summers of America. Have a look and enjoy this mesmerizing view of her beauty.

This is next gem from Britty Ana in a Mini skirt Dungree and  a strapless black bra. Her hot body is making the outfit look extremely attractive on her fit figure.

10.5k Likes, 299 Comments - B r i t t 💎 (@britty.ana) on Instagram: “Work on yourself, for you. Self confidence is a superpower. Once you believe in yourself, magic…”
Image Source: Instagram @britty.ana

Watch how Brittney Ana Slovak is shining like a sun in this yellow coloured mini dress. The dress is revealing her fit body and hot curves that her fans are always longing to see. Watch some of her Instagram timeline pictures.


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