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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Travel With Sathi Offering Best Deals on Dalhousie Tour Packages

Known for its pleasant climate and natural beauty, Dalhousie is one of the most famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie is located in the districts of Chamba at an elevation of around 2000 meters. The hill station is situated at the western end of the Dhauladhar range of mountains. Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, it is named after its founder Lord Dalhousie, the Governor-General in India. With several Victorian-style mansions, Scottish architecture and other charming colonial buildings, this hill station will take you back in time. The scenic hill station is framed by the river Ravi flowing at the base of the town.

 It is also a popular destination for honeymoon. It offers a spectacular view of the majestic snow-capped pir panjal mountain range located in Jammu and Kashmir. Dalhousie tour package enchants hill station has several tourist spots like Lohali village, Kalatop, Dainkund peak, Bakrota hills and Tibetian market. The beautiful valley of Khajiar is also quite popular among the visitors. Tourists also like visiting near Alla. The region offers a spectacular view of the landscape. These places are perfectly planned and made very much convenient by travel with Sathi in their Dalhousie Tour Package.

Authentic sightseeing:

Dalhousie is one of the most visited and popular hill stations in the country. It is known for its pleasant climate and scientific beauty. Here we can see a list of tourist attraction in and around Dalhousie tour package.

THE MALLS: Not to be confused with the shopping malls, the malls are circular roads. Dalhousie has three malls which are the happening places in the town. Most of the activities are concentrated in and around these malls that are located on three hills namely Motti Tibba, Bakrota and Potreyn. These roads were laid in the early 1860s and are narrow but still are the lifeline of the town. The most famous malls are around Potreyn and Moti Tibba hills.The third mall in Dalhousie is around the upper Bakrota hill around 1000ft above Gandhi chowk , the Sacred Heart school and St. John's Church are situated on these malls. While you are in travel with Sathi the Dalhousie tour package has the provisions to visit these places in a sequenced order.

SUBHASH BAOLI: Located just 1 km away from Dalhousie, it is named after Subash Chandra Bose; the famous freedom fighter.It is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is known for its scientific beauty. Surrounded by pine trees and snow-covered mountains, this spring is perfect for picnics. The place is dotted with dhabba, tea stalls and fast food shops. These places can be sequentially visited by the customers through Dalhousie tour package.

PANCH PULA: It means five bridges in Hindi.It is one of the most popular and scenic places in the area. Known for its gushing streams and waterfalls are the main sources of water.Another tourist attraction in this spot is Samadhi or the monument built in the memory of Sardar Ajith Singh,who was a great freedom fighter. Now there can arise a general doubt that how to get through these places. The best answer is avail Dalhousie tour package by travel with Sathi.

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