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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sin | Naveen Medaram

Sin - Naveen Medaram Official Trailer and Web Series

Web Series Summary: It is a story of turmoil between woman's love  and a man's lust. A women is caught in an abusive marriage and get stuck in extramarital affair with a man. All Story revolves around this.

Sin - Naveen Medaram Release, Production, Director

Name: Sin

Release: 2020

Run Time:  2h 17min

Number of Episodes: 7 Episodes

Based on: Web Series "Hello" on Hoichoi

Director: Naveen Medaram

Producer: Sharrath Marar

Co-Producer: Neelima Marar

Editor: Arun Thachoth

Production House: AHA Originals

List of All Episodes of Sin (Telugu Web Series)

Episode 1: First Time

Episode 2: The Blood Trial

Episode 3: The Trip

Episode 4: Madness

Episode 5: Feeling

Episode 6: Master Plan

Episode 7: The Truth

Sin - Naveen Medaram Cast and Actors

Jeniffer Piccinato (Neena)

Thiruveer Reddy (Anand)

Deepti Sati (Nanditha)

Ravi Varma

VRGyani Rating: 7/10 Stars

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