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Friday, June 26, 2020

The New Mutants | Josh Boone

The New Mutants - Josh Boone Official Trailer and Full Movie

Movie Summary: The New Mutants is an American Horror Movie in which mutants try to come to grips with their superpowers while staying at a secret facility.

The New Mutants - Josh Boone Production, Release, Budget

RunTime: 1h 39m
Release Date: 3 April 2020 (USA)
Director: Josh Boone
Based on: New Mutants by Chris Claremont; Bob McLeod
Production companies: Marvel Entertainment
Screenplay: Josh Boone, Knate Lee
Produced by‎: ‎Simon Kinberg‎; Karen Rosenfelt
Distributer: ‎20th Century Studios
Music‎: ‎Mark Snow
Editer: ‎Robb Sullivan

The New Mutants - Josh Boone Cast and Crew

Maisie Williams
Anya Taylor-Joy (Magik)
Charlie Heaton (Sam Guthrie)
Henry Zaga (Sunspot)
Blu Hunt (Danielle Moonstar, Mirage)

VRGyani Rating: 4/5 Stars

The New Mutants - Josh Boone Critic Reviews

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