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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Off Page SEO Meaning, Technique, Tools, Examples

Off Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a branch of SEO in which we are focussed on link building and increasing page and domain authority of the website which we want to rank of search engine. With this technique, we submit information of our web property like title, description, url and category on other websites.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Search Engine Submission

It is a process to submit a new website or old website in search engines to get it crawled by search spiders and get it indexed in search engine database.

Benefits of Search Engine Submission 

Easy to crawl the website
Easy to index the website
Showing our domain name 
Showing Keywords ranking 

How to Submit website in Search Engine – 

There are two types of techniques through which we can submit a website to search engine.

Online Bulk URL Submission Tools
Sitemap Submission in Webmaster Tool

Directory Submissions

Directory Submission is the significant factor in Off-Page Optimization which increases backlinks as well as web traffic too. As you placed your website to relevant platform via directory submission you will found growth of website’s rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Benefits of Directory Submissions 

Increase in the the referral traffic
Increase in the keywords ranking
Increase web site ranking as well as page ranking 
Increase backlinks for our website

How to submit a website in Directory website?

Step 1. Search “ Do follow Directory Submission Site” in Google
Step 2. Open directory websites in search results one by one. 
Step 3. Click “Submit Url “ or “add url”
Step 4. Choose Business  Category and Enter Title and URL, Description.
Step 5. Choose Regular Free Submission 
Step 6. Click on Submit Button

Guideline For Directory Submission-  

Write Unique Title
Write Unique Meta Description
Need Tag (meta Keywords)
Need Relevant page URL
Need Name of Submitter 
Need Email of Submitter

Important things to remember before Directory Submission

1. Try to submit High PR Directory Submission site
2. Try to submit Dofollow Directory submission  site
3. Try to submit Good Alexa ranking and backlink directory submission

Social Bookmarking Submission

Social Bookmarking Submission is the activity of the Off Page Optimization. Social Bookmarking submission performs to bookmark of website information and URL on High PR social bookmarking sites. It is very basic activity of the Off Page Optimization. 

Benefits of Social Bookmarking- 

Increase in the traffic
Increase the keywords ranking
Increase web site ranking as well as page ranking 
Increase BackLink for our website

How to submit a website in Social Bookmarking submission site- 

Step 1. Search “ Social Bookmarking Site list”
Step 2. Register or Create account 
Step 3. Click on Add url or Submit url or SUBMIT A NEW STORY
Step 4. Fill all the text field 
Step 5. Click Submit Button

Guidelines for Social Bookmarking 

Need Unique Title
Need Unique Meta Description
Need Unique Keywords
Need Unique Page URL
Choose Category of Submission
Submit and Get live URL of Website 

Important Things to rememebr before Social Bookmarking

1. Try to submit High PR Social Bookmarking Submission site
2.Try to submit Dofollow Social Bookmarking  submission  site
3.Try to submit Good Alexa ranking and backlink Social Bookmarking submission

Blog Commenting 

It is the process to comment on blog based website or blogger website which is related to our business 

Guideline for Blog Commenting

Step 1. Search Blog website which is related to our business nature. 
Step 2. Create profile in that blog 
Step3. Comment with proper information and using page url also 

Blog and Articles  

Blog is term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. It can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects.

Benefits of Blogging

Increase in website traffic
Improve keywords ranking
Improve website ranking
Increase in backlink through link baiting
Increase Business growth and lead generation.

Popular Blogging Platforms

Third party blogging Websites (blogger, wordpress, weebly)

How to post blogs and articles on Third Party Blogs – 

Step 1. Open Blog submission site(Own or Third party)
Step 2. Click Open New Post 
Step 3. Give Title (heading) and Post Content in Body
Step4. Use image in body (if possible)
Step 5. Use anchor text or Use hyperlink on any keyword
Step 6. Use Call to action in blog Like “click Here” “Read More”, “Contact us Now”

Guideline for Blogging

1. Content should be unique, relevant and meaningful
2. Content should be at least 300 words
3. Content should be keywords based 
4 Content should contain anchor text. 

Article Submission

Article Directories allow users to submit unique articles to the directory for content syndication. These directories allow articles to embed links to other websites with relevant anchor text. Popular article directories are considered authority sites and are constantly crawled by search engine bots.

How to submit articles to Article Directories?

Step 1. Search “High PR Article Submission sites”
Step 2. Register or create an account
Step 3. Use Unique Article Heading 
Step 4. Write unique body content
Step 5. Use Anchor Text (Keywords), Image
Step 6. Use Authors Introduction
Step 7. Click Submit Button and Get Live Link.

Benefits of Article Submission

Increase in traffic of Website
Increase Backlink of Website
Increase Website and keywords ranking

Guideline for Article Submission– 

Step 1. Content should be unique, relevant and keywords based
Step 2. Content should be at least 500 words
Step 3. Content should be share only one article site
Step 4. Content should have one anchor text.

Image/ Infographic Submission

Step 1. Search “Image submission site list”
Step 2. Go to each website and create account.
Step 2. Upload Image with Title and Desc
Step 3. Use Url in Desc
Step 4. Use HashTag (#tag) 

Benefits of Image Submission – 

Image will also rank in Image Search.
Increase keywords ranking
Increase traffic on website
Increase back links through link baiting

PPT Submission

Step 1. Make or create ppt on any topic
Step 2. Include business address, Introduction, Services.
Step 3. Save it
Step 4. Open PPT Submission site list
Step 5. Create account
Step 6. Upload the PPT
Step 7 . Use Unique Title, Desc, Tag(keywords) and URL
Step 8. Submit and share

PDF Submission -

Step 1. Make or create ppt or word file on any topic and convert into pdf
Step 2. Include business address, Introduction, Services.
Step 3. Save it
Step 4. Open Pdf Submission site list
Step 5. Create account
Step 6. Upload the Pdf
Step 7 . Use Unique Title, Desc, Tag (keywords) and URL
Step 8. Submit and share

Video Submission

Step 1. Create or make a video
Step 2. Upload to video submission site
Step 3. Create account with proper profile setting and also create a channel
Step 4. Use Title, Desc, tag and url
Step 5. Submit and share

Forum Posting

It is online group discussion platform where any can share their opinion on any particular topic.

Step 1. Search “ Forum submission site” in google
Step 2. Forum topic should be based on business category.
Step 3. Reply or comment with proper information with business name and url.
Step 4. Not more than 10 forum posting.

Free Classified Submission 

This is used for posting free local ad on local classified sites to grab local audience and attention.

How to submit ad on Local Ad Website? 

Step 1. Open Local Classified submission sites
Step 2. Sign up and choose location
Step 3. Click on Submit free ad and fill all information
Step 4. Use Title, Desc, Category and business address with url.

Guest Posting

Same as blog submission but we can submit blog on other business website including one our link or we can charge for this.

Yellow Pages Listing

This is local listing platform where we can add our business listing free.

Google Business Reviews

This is review rating activity on Google business page of any company or organization

Step 1. Search Company or organization
Step 2. Click on their map
Step 3. Click on Review 
Step 4. Give rating and feedback

Just Dial, Indiamart and other local listing

Step 1. Search Justdial and other local listing website
Step 2. Add business listing 
Step 3.  Give all complete information.

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