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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Lord Shiva Unknown and Amazing Facts From Vedic History

In Hindusism; Lord Shiva is one of the three main deities (Tridev). Lord Shiva is the destroyer of evil forces from the world. Goddess Parvati is his consort and is also worshiped in forms of Adi Parashakti, Sati, Durga, Kali, Mahakali. Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Ashokasundari, Lord Ayyappa are his sons and daughter.

Lord Shiva lives at Mount Kailasha in Himalayas. He has divine weapons such as Pashupatastra, Trident, Parashu-Axe, Pinaka Bow which are invincible. Nandi (bull) is mount of Lord Shiva.

  • Lord Shiva Height: 7'
  • Lord Shiva Father: Lord Vishnu
  • Lord Shiva Mother: Adi Devi
  • Lord Shiva Consort: Devi Sati, Devi Parvati
  • Lord Shiva Sons: Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ayyappa
  • Lord Shiva Daughter: Ashokasundari
  • Lord Shiva Adobe: Mount Kailash
  • Lord Shiva Mount: Nandi (Bull)
  • Lord Shiva Weapons: Pashupatastra, Trident, Parashu-Axe, Pinaka Bow
  • Lord Shiva Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

Lord Shiva is also known as Mahesha, Shankara, Bholenath, Neelkanth, Mahadeva by his followers or Shaivism Traditions. He is worshiped by his followers through mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" in form of Linga. Shiva is majorly depicted as three-eyed god with the Ganges flowing through his matted hair. He is shoown wearing ornaments of Vasuki serpents and a garland made of skulls. His body is almost covered in ashes (Bhasma) and seated on a tiger skin. He is first Yogi in the Universe.

Lord Shiva was born on the brink of Vishnu's forehead and always lives in yoga posture.

Lord Shiva Avatars

There are as many as twenty-eight forms of Shiva as per Shiv Puran. Here are some of them.

Piplaad Avatar

Shiva was born as Piplaad to Great Sage Dhatichi who left him before his birth. Piplaad asked the devas the reason behind it. They told that because of the unfortunate planetary position of ‘Shani’; His Father left him. Then he cursed  Shani to fall down from its celestial abode. Later Piplaad forgave Lord Shani on condition that he will not trouble anyone before 16 years of age.

Bhairava Avatar

Once Lord Brahma asked Lord Vishnu to worship him because he is the supreme creator of whole life. This angered Shiva who then incarnated as Bhairava to punish Brahma. He beheaded one of Brahma's five heads and since then Brahma has only four heads. Bhairava is said to be guarding each of Shaktipeeths.

Veerbhadra Avatar

Sati was the youngest daughter of Daksha Prajapati. Sati  married Shiva against her father's will. One day Daksha held great yagna without inviting Shiva but other gods. Sati went there uninvited and Daksha insulted her in front of others. She ran into the sacrificial fire for this insult. When Shiva knew about Stai's death. He went in deep sorrow and anger, unlocked hairs giving birth to Lord Veerabhadra and Lord Rudrakali. Bhadrakali, a wrathful incarnation on Devi reached to provide him power.


In DwaparYug, Ashwatthama was born as the son Dronacharya and he had been mixed avatar of Lord Shiva’s Kaal, Krodh (anger) and Yam (death). 

Nandi Avatar

Lord Shiva is also said to be in form of Nandi, his mount. Nandikeshwara Mahadev is bull-faced with 4 hands. He holds axe and antelope in hands.

Durvasa Avatar

Lord Shiva incarnated as Durvasa to maintain the discipline in the universe. Durvasa, son of Atri and Anusuya is known as a great sage with short temper.

Grihapati Avatar

A great devotee of Lord Shiva Vishwanar  and his wife Shuchismati expressed desire for a child just like lord Shiva. Lord Shiva pleased by Vishwanar's devotion took birth as his son named Grihapati. After great penance; Lord Shiva made Grihapati the lord of all the directions and Linga that he worshiped came to be known as 'Agnishwar linga’. 

Hanuman Avatar

Hanuman is known to one of the most powerful characters of Ramayana and he is also avatar of Lord Shiva.

Sharabha Avatar

Sharabha is a part lion and part bird avatar of God Shiva incarnated to eliminate Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu who was overpowered by his own power.

Rishabh Avatar

Lord Shiva incarnated as Rishabh Avatar to eliminate all sons of Lord Vishnu which were born to him and the Apsaras that he created to distract demons. Those sons of Vishnu created havoc in all three worlds. Lord Shiva went to the Patal Lok in the form of a Ox (Vrishabh). He killed all the sons of lord Vishnu with his sharp horns.

Krishna Darshan Avatar

Once Sage Angiras  pleased by Nabhag's knowledge gave all the remaining wealth of the Shiva yagna to Nabhag. Lord Shiva arrived there in his incarnation of Krishna Darshan and tried to prevent sage Angiras from donating the wealth to Nabhag, instead he staked his own claim.

Yatinath Avatar

Lord Shiva took avatar of  hermit Yatinath to test devotion of his devotee bheel named Aahuk and his wife Aahuka on the Arbudachal mountain. Aahuk slept whole night outside his hut to accomodate Yatinath and his wife in small hut. In night a wild animal killed Aahuk and Aahuka killed herself in Sati tradition. Then Shiva filled with grief gave them boon to take birth as royals Nala and Damyanti while Lord Shiva established himself as Achaleshwar Shivalinga.

Bhikshuvarya Avatar

Once a beggar woman with her one year old child saw a hungry child (Son of Satyarath and Wife) cry but still she was hesitating to take him in her lap. Right then Lord Shiva appeared as a beggar Bhikshuvarya and advised her to bring up the orphan child.

Sureshwar Avatar

Once Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati appeared before Upamanyu; disguised as Indra and Indrani to test his devotion. Thus Lord Shiva is known as "Sureshwar" in this form.

Sunatnartak Avatar

Lord Shiva had form of Sunatnartak to ask the hand of Goddess Parvati from her father, Lord Himalaya.

Keerat Avatar

Lord Shiva took Keerat avatar to kill demon named Mooka sent by Duryodhana to kill Arjuna who was performing a tremendous penance to please Lord Shiva.

Brahmachari Avatar

Lord Shiva took form of Brahmachari to test meditation of Goddess Parvati who longed to marry Lord Shiva.

Yaksheshwar Avatar

After drinking Amrit, Devas become arrogant. Lord Shiva took Avatar of Yaksha to ask Devas reason of their arrogance. This form is known as Yaksheshwar Avatar.

Avdhut Avatar

With this avatar, Lord Shiva had crushed the ego of Lord Indra.

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